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  1. Generally speaking, 1 party will have a skin, and a skin can be sent to trade moderator to hold, once moderator has confirmed skin in held in inventory, 2nd party can make payment to 1st party, first party confirms payment and moderator sends the skin onto 2nd party. We (Our group) never arrange how payments should be made, we simply find out the exact terms of the deal in a steam multi chat with both parties, and progress as above, its not fool proof by any means, especially when people want to send serial codes for new games as payment. There has been times where code has been duped and both parties genuinely think other guy is trying to screw them over, with that in mind a trade moderator needs to make a decision whether he is comfortable to assist in the trade, if the trade moderator is -not- comfortable then advise both parties that you do not think its a good idea and may be required to seek out another middleman or other forms of payment. nothing is fool proof when you trade outside of a steam trade window and when possible it should be advised against, but i think everyone can agree, its not a perfect world, and a little help can be the greatest step up if your not familiar with it all. For those reading this dont just trust anyone, wait for a service to evolve or just stick to trade windows, stay safe!
  2. So true i skipped over that bit somehow, that is indeed a frequent scam method more commonly used for non marketable items, and also for marketable items in some cases where the person wants to "quick sell", but you can also place buy orders now to curb that kind of undercutting. @JoeW may i possibly suggest considering some of the long term, truely dedicated users here to be "middle men" of the trading forum? Personal recognized users that have been upvoted by community could offer to mediate any trades that arent considered "regular" It allows Klei to watch over any odd transactions, and still maintaining its non-particpation in the items and its trading community. letting the masses elect a few people who are offering to give their time free to help keep a community safe, i am sure there would be several people up for it (not me i have enough on my plate!) As much as it would be nice to have all trades done purely within a trade window, a massive portion of trades are done with gift only items, paypal, bitcoin, steam wallet transfer, and so on. I thought it was worth mentioning anyway
  3. I was collecting non-marketable items with the intent on collection building, klei changed the system, im adapting. 518 items (non-marketable) for collection have turned into 518 items to potentially be traded inn or marketted due to Kleis decision to switch on marketability, also i feel the urge to regulary remind anyone reading that i did not participate in the usual methods of trading on forums, i sourced skins via my own networks, via my own deals, and 90% of them are long term friends. evolution be evolving, and im here to survive. Also @leonseye your referencing people sniping deals and sharking newbies for high tier items, paying them dirt in thier place. Im talking about flat out scammers, "ill send this rise of the tomb raider key over after you send me those 4 elegants" elegants are sent, person disappears, some poor kid has a very shitty day realising he just got burnt hard, lost 4 elegants and still doesnt own the latest tomb raider. its a daily thing, a constant struggle in our network. we have an entire ban database off steam that is used to reference who these people are. ALSO (lol) @VexTheHex man take an economics class! you dont have to play a game, or be in a field to invest. real world we use brokers. I have an automated service that sells gifts and some people consider me a broker as i can sell their stuff for them. I also invest in CSGO and i dont play that game either, i buy/sell many steam gifts of games that i would never play. Its just business. In this case i also play the heck out of DST and will continue to do so, i know dev's are watching all this, fairly sure they would be suspicious of how i got so many skins, sorry to inform everyone but NONE, not even one of my skins was sourced in a dodgy manner. all above board and sourced via friends @ pre-agreed prices, im not going to apologize for being resourceful though, i invested the time, and money into setting up deals with friends, and gifting several copies to friends with the pure intent of them giving me free drops, if i gave them the game free. PS: I LOVE a good debate thread and this thread delivers!
  4. Are you saying profit is bad? I was buying all my skins from friends with the intent of building an entire collection of every single skin. feel free to find any thread, anywhere that i was attempting to sell my skins. You wont find any. i attempted to buy more, and trade out dupes for skins i had not yet obtained, but never tried to sell. Please dont place me in the group of people that was daily trying to buy for nothing, only to sell it to a dedicated player for 500% more and ripping the ass out of the community as i sure as hell never done it. Also profit is what has allowed to go continually do giveaways and such in our group for games and items forthe last several years, without profit from trading i simply could not have afforded it. Klei turning on marketability has forced my hand, if i see a hype train about to leave the station, im going to get my rainbow afro wig, party platform shoes and rock out with my.. socks out until the hype train runs out of juice. But only because Klei has switched on market.
  5. Ive watched many fads rise and fall, marketability will indeed improve the current trade system and fund some extra $$$ for Klei. on the flip side it will also attract scammers and such, scammers do not care what game an item is from, they only see value. So as soon as this all goes live, you can expect an influx of at least 10% of dodgy people trying to scam anything with a marketable price tag on it, this theory is based on years of previous experiance and research into systems like this going into place **EDIT** For all those worried about skins skyrocketing in value, for every skin thats sold klei gets a cut, im assuming this will be a 15% fee on market place. (will be either 10, 15 or 20%) If this is the case, if you sell a skin for $25 wallet, Klei will receive roughly $3.70 purely in market fee, and steam will take its 5% on top aswell for market fee's on its market place. $3.70 is almost the price of DS when its on a -75% discount. Now imagine 20 skins sell roughly at this figure, Klei just ran in $74USD on market fee's... thats $74 they can pay to an employee to build a walking cane skin, and tomorrows $74 can go to finally making my white tophat dream come true. Lets assume prices pump up to $50 each for GoH's, purely theory here not concluding any prices, just need a set figure for stats. $50 per GoH and 50 sell per day! spitballing here but thats $225 daily for klei, that's steady income for future upgrades, more updates, faster support, for this game and future awesome releases. Now imagine every single skin selling each day, accumulative fee's clocking up. so many people are so hell bent on what should and shouldnt that its bypassing the greatest perk of this, KLEI GETS PAID FOR ALL THE GREAT WORK THEY DO. "Oh no we cant let skins skyrocket because i wont get the BP i desire" - tough titties, klei gives u drops free, its luck based, welcome to life. TF2 key sales alone used to net thousands dailyback in the prime of trading as it was/is an accepted form on online steam currency. Another example is CSGO which is now the most common currency type for online steam trading. This is just 1 keys report im doing here, The Falchion Key. Volume: 3,263 sold in the last 24 hours < im doing an undercut figure here as i cbf doing exact, but assuming each key sold to buyer @ 2.30, each seller gets $2, the 0.30c is fee's. each key is actually selling @ 2.50 atm to cover any random fee's im missing out on. long story short 0.30cUSD multiplied by volume sold in 24h is $978.90, daily, JUST from falchion key sales. There is about 8 or 9 key types also, along with an arsenal of weapons that fetch much much higher market fee's on bigger sell prices. Stop beating on eachother and start showing the devs some damn respect, i for one will be happily be shuffling market fee's along to Klei
  6. Bring on the market, i have 518 Items ready to rock and roll. #gohardorgohome
  7. Same old debate, no matter how the penny drops, some will be overjoyed, and the others will be dismayed. No matter what happens this thread was a great read!