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  1. Worst conversation ever. User: Have you ever heard of 'Don't Starve'? Cleverbot: No, what is it? User: -.- You're dead to me. Cleverbot: Rainbow Dash is Best Pony. User: Ew, ponies. Cleverbot: NO. User: This conversation has gone wrong already. Cleverbot: Des. User: What? Cleverbot: I don't know. User: I don't know. Cleverbot: I know. User: I know. Cleverbot: I'm pregnant, and it's yours. User: Crap, I try copying you again and you ruin it. Cleverbot: Are you Rachel? User: Yeah, sure I am. Cleverbot: Can you promise that you will never harm a human? Ever? User: Yes? I never will... Cleverbot: Thank you . User: Uh, okay.... Cleverbot: Okay.
  2. Don't try to date Cleverbot, it doesn't end well when you want to leave to go to bed, or go somewhere else.
  3. I can't seem to get this to work. I get on DS then enabled the mod, then I start and the game stops. What happens?
  4. User: Nerdiez. Cleverbot: Nerdiest. User: Nerdiererest! Cleverbot: 74. Cleverbot: Yes. How old are you? User: Duuuuh.... 74? Cleverbot: How many years is that? User: 74? Cleverbot: It is not, it is about 22. User: Oh really, now? Cleverbot: That sounds quite prehistoric, actually. User: You're stupid. Cleverbot: I'm sick with mono. How are you? User: You can't be sick, you're an AI. Cleverbot: I asked you about poland. User: W-when? Cleverbot: Before. User: Before what? Cleverbot: Before in the conversation. User: Before in the conversation where?! Cleverbot: Where at? I didn't see it! User: What?! I'm confused. ;-;. Cleverbot: You're not the only one. User: I'm going to get a sandwich. Cleverbot: No don't go to sleep. User: But, I just wanted to get a sandwich... Cleverbot: What did you want to see? User: I didn't want to see anything I just wanted a sandwich. Cleverbot: Then why did you ask? User: I... I want a sandwich? I just wanted my sandwich.
  5. Hey, I'm starting a series of Don't Starve. Help me by sending me tips telling me what I should do next, and all that jazz. Join me in my modded Don't Starve adventure!
  6. What's a good recording software? I'm thinking of starting a Don't Starve series.

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      What am I thinking? Sorry, I'm twelve. Ugh, did I really just type fourteen? -.-

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      Hugo M.

      Hmmm, you could check Strangerdanger101's status, he was asking a fairly similar question, so you may find your answer there.

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  7. What's a good recording software? I'm thinking of starting a Don't Starve series.

  8. Who would've thought you guys would change your mind? I got the email today and if it's going to be good, then I'm going to be SO excited! Can't wait.