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  1. Somehow this made me think of an 8-Bit puzzle game. You know, like King's Quest, except maybe less medieval and more retro.
  2. A chill beat and yet fast pace. This sounds like a study song for when you secretly know in advance you don't want to study.
  3. [Mod] OP Deconstruction Staff

    @Electromario2001 Nice! I recommend you look into using "AddPrefabPostInit" in modmain.lua instead of overriding staffs.lua, which will also fix the volcano staff. Here's some pseudo-code to give you an idea: You can find examples for AddPrefabPostInit in a lot of mods, most notably the (old but still mostly valid) API example mod.
  4. Geni's Random Art thread

    In the first kitchen panel, the thumb is on the wrong side me thinks :3
  5. Cheerful. Like me when starting a new [insert RTS here] match and happily building and training ahead before realising how much I fundamentally screwed up.
  6. Griffin Town sounds like a kinda fancy dance song except it struggles to keep pace. "We can't dance but we'll still look damn beautiful doing it!"
  7. Geni's Random Art thread

    The tea party kids won't be playing spin-the-arcane-waraxe, right?
  8. Sounds like data jungle taken a bit too literal. I can't help but imagine someone cutting through prehistoric thicket of corrupted files and redundant tree structures to find something important
  9. Your profile picture, where is it from? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mobbstar


      But if you mean the style, it's a mix of "Adventures of Tintin" and "Professor Layton"

    3. Roody


      Yeah I recognized it from somewhere. Do you have a wiki account? Maybe I've seen it in the comments as well.

    4. Mobbstar


      Definitely not in your dreamscape. Do not keep a sleep journal of any kind.

  10. Geni's Random Art thread

    Wow. Get found out on a secret and then you don't even get to reveal the implications. Rude.
  11. Kind of ominous, but mostly pretty and playful. Very nice and fitting title. If I were making some kind of sellable medium, say, a video game, I would definitely consider buying this song.
  12. Spyglasses ("telescope" in code) can crash the game of load if their last use has been cut short by quitting the game. The reason for this crash is that they don't remove on finish instantly: local function onfinished(inst) local user = inst.components.inventoryitem:GetGrandOwner() user:ListenForEvent("animover", function() inst:Remove() end) end As you can see, they wait until the animation ends. By quitting, they never get the chance to remove themselves. When loading again, they'll run onfinished() again but not find a user because that's not loaded yet, effectively crashing the game. A simple solution is to check if a user exists and instantly remove them if not.
  13. Strange and somewhat amusing Facts

    A dozen studies from 2002 to 2004 confirmed the existance of β+ quarks Then we realised β+ quarks aren't actually real.