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  1. You can't ship somebody with their genderbent clone... I kinda want to ship Warbucks x Wickerbottom, there's so much potential for comedy gold there. Even if they don't agree on things like whether or not to keep a pet cat, Wicker can tell 'Bucks so many corner facts he likes to hear, and he can return the favour with sharing experience. As for the romantic, Warbucks spills some wonderful, eloquent phrases to express his excitement and appreciation, so he totally hits bullseye at Wickerbottom. Really, they seem like the perfect grandparents. So yeah, please add Wickerbucks to the poll!
  2. Webber's perk should be tweaked to say "they have" instead of "it has".
  3. I'm busy developing Island Adventures for DST, sorry.
  4. i think that this is art

    cuddle the eyeless
  5. Oh boy, I hope I get to release the first Hamlet mod ever.
  6. Skin Queue

    Why is this not on Steam Workshop?
  7. Out of curiosity, what exactly does the parameter (256) mean? The purchasable skins use a different parameter for their ATLAS_BUILD (for opening the chest I suppose).
  8. @gamehun20 the DST version is unfinished, don't use it. I discontinued this mod. It seems I never put up a notice about this here... woops!
  9. Mark of the Ninja: Remastered Launch Trailer

    It's already in my Steam Library. Lovely! I can't wait to relive the dream.
  10. The Mini Signs do not use the inventoryitem.atlasname property when getting drawn on. Therefore, all items with custom atlas (i.e. all mod items) do not display by default. Partial solution: You might need to add a second netvar for the atlas. Nevertheless, it is a rather easy issue, hopefully you fix it soon. Thanks for reading and stay awesome Klei! ^_^
  11. Oh man I love these groves, they tingle my spine and- wait when did the heart rate monitor stop? Uh oh.
  12. Heh, you were right, you aren't really active! 





    gingerly lurks past

    1. Mobbstar


      I am actively avoiding this place :p

  13. You can really hear the grimdark ooze out of this one. Delicious! Another piece of evidence that GreenWyvern is at least partially a resurrected classical composer.