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  1. Crash Bandicoot

    Crash Bandicoot! There isn't really much to say about him other than he is from his own game "Crash Bandicoot". He has a few different things to look at in his file location, and extra items which can be spawned into the game with no extra purpose than cosmetic items!
    His stats are:
    Damage up.
    Max health = 80
    Max sanity = 200
    (rediculous sanity gain. Not gonna balance this).
    reduced hunger rate, but smaller hunger gauge.
    Max hunger = 80
    He should ignore spoilage, but I am unsure if this worked.
    He is slightly faster than other characters.
    Glows in the dark (was going to apply this to his item, but didn't get around to it)
    Insects are attracted to Crash!
    Crash also has his own sounds and unique dialogue!
    Crash has one hand slot equipable item! It's Aku Aku.
    AkuAku is a total boss slayer, but it only has 4 uses before it breaks!
    AkuAku is also rediculously craftable and may be remade after you craft a shadow manipulator!
    Crash was a part of my childhood, and I am glad I could share this with you!
    Also, if anyone is curious about Crash being ported to DST, I am already working on this. He is nearly finished for DST and I just need to edit a few more files!