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  1. Polluted

    (Oops. I forgot I was here. Sorry guys!) Nicholas couldn't help but flinch slightly once he saw how easily the man towered over the table. However, he steeled his nerves in spite of himself and stood tall in the man's shadow. He even dared to look him right in the eye. "State your business, stranger!"
  2. Polluted

    "A disease, you say?" Nicholas pondered Daafite's story. He was certainly no doctor, nor did he know very much about medicine at all. However, he wasn't one to resist a call to adventure. Helping a damsel in need was the knightly thing to do, of course! "I would be honored to join you, fair Daafite, in vanquishing this evil and reclaiming your homeland." Nicholas stood up straight, pushing his chair backwards with a squeak. "No matter what it takes!"
  3. Polluted

    Nicholas raised an eyebrow when Ker popped back up. It struck him as a little odd that so many people that he'd recognized from the gate were now congregating around their table. Even if they were there because of the satyress, one would expect at least some degree of familiarity among them all. That didn't seem to be the case. And besides, what were the odds that so many non-human creatures had shown up in town in the first place? He absentmindedly traced small circles on the table's surface with his finger. Perhaps this entire encounter was fated? He shook his head to himself and closed his hand. Fate had nothing to do with this. It was merely a coincidence. Shortly afterwards, though, he became aware of the nasty looks directed towards their table and the whispers of increasing frequency. Nicholas sighed. He was willing to bet they weren't saying good things about them. Should worst come to worst, he could probably hold his own in a confrontation, but he was hoping it wouldn't have to come to that. Besides, he really did want to know why the satyress was here in the first place. Deliberately avoiding the stares from those around them, Nicholas decided to try and begin a conversation before the others could take much notice themselves. "Excuse me, fair Daafite, but would you mind my asking what on earth brings you to such a horrid place, if not for the drinks? Have you come here in search of something?"
  4. Polluted

    (Hey everyone! I spoke to Ryan on Steam earlier today to try and find out what's up, since she's been absent for so long. Turns out that she is, in fact, not dead! She plans to continue with the RP soon, since she has some good ideas that she doesn't want going to waste. This thread should start picking back up once she finishes her college work, which shouldn't take too-too long.) (Basically, get hype.)
  5. Ban Geni for pointing out a grammatical error in...whatever that was?? Dee is very confused.
  6. Polluted

    (Also waiting, Ryan where in the name of heck art thou!)
  7. Polluted

    "My name is Nicholas Weaver. Pleased to meet you, Daafite." He took a seat at the table, glancing over at Twent but not saying anything.
  8. Polluted

    (GOSH DANGIT RYAN, I WAS LIKE JUST ABOUT TO POST.) Nicholas' hand briefly brushed by the side of his belt, but he clenched it into a fist and lowered his head. The satyress was right, unfortunately. It wasn't worth the trouble to confront these men. It didn't exactly feel right, but then again, the alternative would probably be a fight...and getting kicked out was the last thing he wanted to do. He was already feeling a little foolish, so he elected to step back and sit down next to her. Only to then, of course, find out they planned to move tables anyways. Oh well. It was probably for the best, he thought, glancing back over at the drunken men. "Yes. That would be much appreciated."
  9. Polluted

    Nicholas scowled at the men. Truly despicable, to treat a defenseless woman like that! Especially one so meek-looking as herself. The injustice made his stomach churn. He took a breath, composed himself, and briskly strode over to the satyress, standing between her and the drunken men. Turning to them, he shot them the nastiest glare a 14-year old could possibly muster. "Leave her alone, you ruffians!" His tone was dead serious (despite being slightly at odds with the message itself).
  10. Polluted

    Nicholas quietly slipped through the gate while Twent spoke with the guard. Honestly, he was glad to be out of the spotlight. It always felt a little awkward having to explain himself to adults. The disapproving look the guard had given him didn't help things much, but at least he was finally inside. He breathed a quick sigh of relief and went about his business. While wandering the streets, he spotted the satyress duck into the town's tavern. He'd seen a lot of strange races already, but a satyr was definitely an oddity, especially in such a crowded city. Certainly worth checking out. Curiously enough, though, a few of the other people he had seen in line earlier seemed to have the same idea, as they were now making their way towards the building as well. Nick shrugged and walked towards the tavern, hoping that his relatively young age wouldn't attract much notice.
  11. Polluted

    Without missing a beat, Nicholas straightened his posture and rattled off his reply. "Nicholas, 14, human. Squire to Sir Benedict." He nodded quickly, trying to hide the fact that he was a little bit nervous.
  12. Ban Pyro for still using the pixel-art avatar I made for him, even though it's been almost a year since it was originally created. I'm not touched at all. Nope, not one bit...*sniff*
  13. Polluted

    (Ahhh, thank you for the map. I must admit, I was fairly confused as to my location for a little while. *cough*) Nicholas smirked. For being guards, they sure didn't seem to appreciate their jobs very much. Although, judging by who was coming in, and how the guards seemed to treat events like this as an everyday occurrence, he really couldn't blame them. He patiently waited for Ria to finish, while silently rehearsing what he would say once it was his turn.
  14. Polluted

    "...Uhm, likewise." Nicholas' focus was currently elsewhere; specifically, he was staring at the lizard person, who had somehow gotten up the top of the wall after screaming something about dragons. He squinted his eyes. What in God's name was it even doing up there?
  15. Polluted

    "Ahh, I would never attack a fine damsel such as yourself. Dragon or no." He scratched the back of his head, then continued. "So, you've no idea either? Strange. Perhaps we'll learn once we make it through." "Oh, where are my manners! I've completely forgotten to introduce myself. I am Nicholas, squire to Sir Benedict. Pray tell, what can I call you in return?"
  16. Polluted

    Nicholas noticed the woman's discomfort. Perhaps something about his appearance was worrying her? He decided it would be best to address her fears directly. "Do not worry, milady. It is my duty to protect you, should you ever come into harm's way." He gave a quick bow. He supposed now that he had her attention, he could probably ask her about the strange influx of people. The line had been moving fairly quickly before, but due to some confusion with a lizard person at the front of the line, the rate of entry had slowed down considerably. Either way, it didn't seem like either of them would be going inside for at least a little while longer. No harm in passing the time with some conversation, then. "Would you, by any chance, know why this tavern is so popular all of a sudden? I've been through this town before, but never have I seen this many people trying to enter."
  17. Polluted

    Nicholas strolled through the town with an air of authority. Running errands for a knight might not sound like the most exciting thing to be doing, but it was his duty, and that fact alone made him hold his head high as he purchased several odds and ends from the merchants. Small things, enough to fit in a satchel he'd brought along. As he passed the goods along to a messenger, however, he caught notice of the crowd forming outside what he assumed was the local tavern. Curiosity got the better of him, and after a moment of contemplation, he decided it would be worth investigating. He took his place in line behind what he assumed was a half-dragon, half woman, and tried his best to look like he belonged there. If anyone asked, he'd just say he was there on knight's orders. Simple enough.
  18. Polluted

    (OKAY GOT MY APP.) Name: Nicholas Weaver Race: Human Age: 14 Personality: Nick is a squire, AKA a knight-in-training. As such, he follows a knight's code of honor, which entails being loyal, brave, and chivalrous to everyone he meets. He takes this duty very seriously, and strives to abide by it at all times. Aside from that, he has a no-nonsense and authoritative sort of personality, which is often at odds with his relatively young age. Appearance: Nicholas is scrawny and stands at about 5'5". He has black hair with a widow's peak, and his hair parts into two "halves" following its shape. (It's easier drawn than described, so I will be making a picture for him soonish.) He wears a traditional-looking set of squire's clothes, including a leather belt, a gray undershirt, pointed black boots, and a blue tunic with a fancy-looking golden crest emblazoned on the front. His eyes are mocha-brown. Strengths: He has enough training in combat to make him a competent fighter, although he doesn't usually carry any weaponry with him, save for a small dagger. In times of peace, he excels at mediating between others, and he is always willing to protect those he sees as weaker than himself. Weaknesses: Since he is barely a teenager, he has almost zero authority compared to those around him, and he often looks rather silly trying to assert it anyways. He isn't very quick to anger, but he will hold grudges against those who wrong him.
  19. Polluted

    (HHNNNGHHHH I FORGOT TO DO THE THING.) (I'll join sometime today if I don't get wrapped up in LifeStuff(tm) )
  20. *Sips tea from atop a massive pile of crumpled tissues*

    Wahoo, isn't it wonderful to be ill? <~>

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