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  1. i have same problem too, and when i jump into SW world and came back to RoG just 1 hound appears when i got hound attack. when i relog the game this problem is fix but i don't wan't to reloging all the time for hounds, if i doing reloging before hound coming when the Hounds attack warning begins and then loading that save will cause the attack to become bugged and i can't sleep or i don't get any hounds attack on long days. that happen to me last world i fix the hounds do not appears on this by with world hop on RoG. Sory for bad english.
  2. i will waiting for update,,this mods is simple n i like it. please update.
  3. how can i use default UI on RPG HUD neat 45?? i'm comfortable with default UI
  4. can you add option too default UI for RPG HUD neat ??