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  1. I use the backpack quite often and have Chester on me all the time. I usually carry tools(Axe, Pick, Shovel) a weapon and supplies I may need while out and about. Chester usually holds things that I might need but won't need on hand at all times(Hammer/Razor). After reading some of these posts, I may try to change up my play style. Any tips?
  2. The world is INSANE. Clockwork bishops and knights attacking all over. Merms fighting pigs and pouring rain with charged volt goats running around. I would definitely recommend trying it.
  3. Turned all the world customization options to max. 0 Days survived.
  4. I've been wondering if you guys have any wierd superstitions while playing don't starve. For me I MUST have my axe's durability at a multiple of 5. No idea why but it bugs me if it isn't. I have to burn extra trees or just put a few chops into a tree, just to have it perfect. Does anyone else do stuff like this?