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  1. I got a 13" MacBook Air

    1.7GHz Intel Core i7 (2 Cores i believe)

    8GB Ram 1600 MHz DDR3

    Intel Graphics 5000 


    Question is, will Don't Starve run on it?

    Opinions and experiences appreciated



    "2 cores I believe"


    ... it's an i7. They are a 4core with hyperthreading (the 4 cores split into 2 each and act like an 8 core)

    I'm a comuter tech, and it just bugged me, so I wanted to let you know. I could say more, but I shall refrain from my NerdRage.

  2. I did not read through all the other replys (so sorry before hand, if someone already said this) but I think it wont be coming to Xbox 1 because of their indie games policy or something along those lines. From what I heard more indie games will be making appearances on ps4. 


    This is probably not the reason why its not on Xb1, im just throwing it out there.


    ^^ @StayUpThere


    Well, I feel that you should have read the prior posts. It's a polite courtesy to do so.


    I know that I would feel put out if someone butted into a conversation, without having all the facts, and passed a comment or a judgement based on the subject material without having any foreknowledge of the conversations' context.


    In this case, what makes it even worse, is that it seems that what you have stated appears to be incorrect. Microsoft Changed their Policy regarding Indie Releases over 12 months ago, meaning that indie's can effectively self-publish on the XBox One, refer to this article for more information.


    More likely it would have to do with M$'s policy that all games released on the X1 are required to check in online regularly. But that's not really the reason, either.... as has already been stated, the real reason is that Klei has signed an exclusive deal with Sony



    Necro'ing old threads is FINE. It's what old threads are FOR. It's so that new people can learn FROM THE PAST SO GET OVER IT. It's a better approach than creating a new thread for an already existing topic. It shows that the 'Necromancer' has used the SEARCH function on the site before they used the "Post New Thread" one. So good on you for that.


    It's just a pity that @ByzantiumTheInfamous Necro'd a thread to tell us that our code was wrong, when I'm pretty sure it's right.


    Anyway, there are easier ways to bring up the map.

    Map Revealer

    Mini Tools


    Map revelation seems like cheating yourself of the whole point of this game (Exploration, Discovery, and Survival) to me, unless it is for modding and testing purposes.

  4. That's a terrible idea and I don't approve it because its spam. Quote this if you agree or disagree.


    I disagree that it's spam... because the OP would have only posted once, and everyone else would have "reposted" it. I'm pretty sure the only way to spam a forum is to write unhelpful/random or useless comments in as many threads as you can, or to post the same thing in a new thread in every Subforum you can find, then repost those links in every subforum on the internet. Or something


    (yes, I know it was a joke, I was trying to quote it to carry the joke on. unfortunately I said something constructive that actually contained real information that you can learn from (even if it included a hyperbola). I'm just not funny. "But is iz try so very hard")

  5. Hey, Hi!


    Yeah, I've read that on the Wiki, too - I should have probably put those in my own post, and clarified that those were things that I have found to be more true.


    When I build a tight, condensed base with wall around it, he comes. When I build a sprawled out base with no walls, he does not. It may be a coincidence, I do only have a couple of hundred hours under my belt. (ignore my Steam profile, I only got it on Steam a couple of days ago).


    Wow, reading over my old post, I feel like one of those guys that just blabs whatever misinformation that I feel is true, vs ""whatnever ain't no truetrue" (Movie reference to Cloud Atlas).I'm usually the guy that does the straightening out! I must have been tired or something....

  6. The trick to spawning a Deerclops is to build lots of structures, then stay near them during winter. Each wall segment counts as a structure.


    I may be wrong (I haven't looked at the code) but the more established my bases are, the more likely he will "visit".


    I like the hound shooter, i just don't like that they are a finite resource. (sad sadness face)