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  1. Oh, this is an interesting idea, thanks for posting it. [suggestion] just an idea, how about the option to get  a 'randomized' Metabolisim, so it may be good, or bad, just like an RPG game? And I haven't tried this mod yet, but is it possible to 'see' what your current Mtbm/rate is?

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  2. So that everyone knows, this was actually 'my' mod, DevilXD has helped me build it and has uploaded it here. He did so much of the work on this, I felt that he deserved the credit for the Mod. Basically, it was just my idea.


    I have uploaded the same file in the Steam Workshop

  3. Hey, Mouse. I wanted to stop by to let you knjow that I tried it, it wasn't really for me. I think the deal breaker was how much ist shows the Nightmares up even when they are normally un noticable when at 90% sanity.


    No disrespect to you or your work. Just not for me. Oh, and I think Player Rainbow should be a configurable option I don't know if charlie has a player model, but it would be epic if this lit her up.

  4. A: Okay. Thanks for stopping by.


    Love it.


    Mod is awesome, too. Clean, simple, balanced. not like 1000 (OK, about 384) other mods designed to make the game easier.


    Probably works with RPG HUD, because they don't touch the original icons. but they already got lots of cluttered numbers. So now one could Clutter it up even more, with doubleups! aawesome! {was going for funny irony - sounds weird and sarcastic on paper}.


    I use  StatusPlus, I think this might break that one, as Status removes the icons. i might try this one in it's place, as i prefer the idea of "as close to vanilla as possible". I look to mods for more bug-fix type stuff, personally.


    Well done, @Mouse.

  5. Hey, DevilXD



    Wilst I was waiting for you to reply to my PM,  I saw this, and then realized that it was yours! Too funny.


    I have another idea for population control for a mod, and it should be easy to implement; make their spawn point a visible/destroyable structure, like the Bone Mounds for Hounds, or Beehives for Bees.

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  6. Oh Thank You. I would PAY for this mod. got paypal? I'll buy you a beer.


    I'll buy you another one if you make a mod that allows you to drag a line to plant something, such as trees, grass, walls.


    I have no idea how to mod, or I so would do this. I saw an interesting mod that enables you to plant stuff by clicking a lightningrod, so the rod saves all your stuff from lightning, but it autoplants in a cropcircle. I am mentioning it in case the idea intrigues you and you would like to look into it... the link can't be too far away....


  7. Hey, just curious, really - Is there a percentage chance of different foods falling, or is it purely random from the foods catogory?


    Also, does it include "monster" foods.



    ==>You may even wish to add these Questions, and their Answers, to the FAQ (Seeing as they are the only valid Q's you've had on this mod thus far)

  8. Wow. Just Wow.


    So, I'm pretty new to DS, I only last about 50-100 days (128 is my best).


    This is just epic. I see a few people having issues - bug logs, etc - but props to the Modder on creating a truely hateful world.