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  1. Auto ReTrap

    Puts it back where it came from!
    Upon picking up a trap:
    *If a trap is empty, it will go into inventory.
    *If a trap has an animal, it retraps the same spot, without going back into your inventory
    I fully intend only to release mods that I consider balanced, that don't make game play easier - read 'cheating' , or to fix what I perceive to be as issues or bugs that need addressing. I have a few ideas in mind. This is one of them.
    I need to give the utmost thanks to my new friend DevilXD who I met on the Klei forums; who created this mod for me to learn from!
    If traps are empty when picked up, they act as normal.
    If traps are full (have a catch) when picked up, they automatically put the object in your inventory and resets the trap to where you had it
    This idea came from one of my trap farms. I got tired of ending up with traps in my hand inventory and rabbits in my hand that I then had to swap out to deal with.
    Vanilla / RoG compatible.
    Also Download From The Steam Workshop