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  1. How would you imagine multiplayer to play out when someone dies and can not rejoin their friends, in effect being excluded from the game because the mechanics of play forced them out?
  2. He may of been rude going about it but his point is still valid, multiplayer will have to depart from its single player standards to cater to its new audience or it will fail.
  3. The simplest answer is always the best, I suggest trying to streamline your respawn solution to the point where it's obvious, the mechanics in play. If the above sounds confusing, I mean, the death/respawn mechanic shouldn't feel like trying to solve a rubix cube attached to a 5 minute clock and you're a colour blind dog. You should die, realise you're dead, and quickly realise how to revive yourself (or how allies revive you) without having to take a trip to the wiki to figure it out. (e.g. when you die and revive at a touch stone, you go "oh that's what that does" and continue playing)
  4. I like the concept of there being a large sanity impact on the matter, whether you decide to eat them or bury your fallen ally.