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Well... You're here, reading this... I'm sorry to disappoint but I don't really have anything for you to read. I'm not the most interesting person... Until you get to know me, then you wish you would have kept your distance.

I have a Deviant Art account under the name of Dara1999
Fanfiction: Dara999


Have a question? Ask away! I don't judge people on their beliefs or whatever. I'd love to help with any question or if you want to just drop in for a chat. ^-^

I'll add more if I can be bothered~
Also I will update whenever it tickles my fancy so don't get annoyed if I flood you with my fabulousness.

E.Nigma: What do a dead body, cruise ship and an emu have in common? *Holds mic up to the dead body's mouth*
Dead Guy: ............
E.Nigma: That's correct. Nothing~