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  1. Wheke rubbed the back of their neck. "Well I hope so. It's been fantastic hanging with you." Wheke hugs Trevor and heads to the Quacken. "FAREWELL MY SEAFARING CREW. I WILL MISS YOU ALL. Especially Trevor...."

    Wheke dissapears below the surface with their mother, nothin but bubbles remain. 

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  2. Wheke claped their hands together. "That's more like it. Let's get something good!"


    The narrator forgot about her two fish sticks.

    Gilda pulls away from Jaw and looks away timidly. 


    The merm garbles back a greeting and asks the new comer what he's doing here. 

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  3. "Brilliant! I love being lost! Well depends really." Wheke crawls out of the barrel and goes up to the deck. "Nice island. Wonder if there's any good catches here."



    [Shipping Intensifies]

    Gilda felt her thoughts going back and forth between staying and leaving. Jaw and her were both outcasts and he seemed to really like Gilda... Would it be fair to her to stay? It wasn't a nice feeling.  It was L ike a candiru had wormed into her and was eating her from the inside out, leaving a hollow cavity in her chest. 

    "I'm sorry Jaw... It's a lot safer for me here.... Are you sure you don't want to stay?..." She wanted him to stay but it wasn't her choice. 

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  4. 10 hours ago, DwerBomb said:


    (Yes Dara is going to control the merms)

    Oh no. I'm in charge of something!!!}

    *Everything catches fire**Slowly* D: }


    The merm blubs something incomprehensible and give a hiss to the tiny furry log. 


    "Yeah Jaw... It is... You're welcome to stay if you want." Gilda wasn't sure if Jaw was able to live in fresh water, at least the ocean was right near by if he needed it. 


    "Hey Trevor. Where are we?"

    Wheke faces their friend. 

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  5. The narrator didn't know where Wheke was until someone notified her that s/he was in a barrel. Wheke poked their head out to see what was going on. 


    Gilda looks at Jaw. 

    And looks. 

    And feels bad. 

    And looks. 

    "Um jaw. I might stay here if that's cool with you..."

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  6. I'm so sorry for being so dead and holding it up and stuff.}

    Gilda's scales tingled at the purity of the water. How great it was to be fully hydrated. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to stay here, there seemed to be stable food supplies from examining the island. Perhaps if she stayed in the bottom of the pool then they wouldn't notice and she wouldn't have to say goodbye... At least not to Jaw...

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  7. Wheke goes up to the wheel and stands valiantly. S/he then crashes into an iceberg and the whole crew dies.


    "Jaw?" Gilda's weird'd out. She pokes Jaw's shoulder, just gotta check hes real ya know.

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