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  1. Wave after Wave

  2. Wave after Wave

    idk if this counts
  3. Wave after Wave

    Wheke taps Famen's shoulder. "You were having some sort of fit or something before. You okay?" -------- Gilda frowns at the spaziming Jaw. "Holy carp, you okay buddy?"
  4. Wave after Wave

  5. Wave after Wave

    Wheke nodded. It would be best to check if their crew mate was okay. -------- Gilda just wondered what the heck coffee was and what it did.
  6. Wave after Wave

    Gilda raises her eye at the masked person, what was he waffling on about? ------------- "You think they're okay?" Wheke turned to Trevor.
  7. Wave after Wave

    As seen by the comic I previously drew, thats Wheke's job. XD}
  8. Wave after Wave

  9. Wave after Wave

    Gilda crossed her arms and glared at the small plush killer, baring her teeth slightly. ------ Wheke petted his head. "Maybe you can learn not to be terrible at them again."
  10. Wave after Wave

  11. Wave after Wave

    Wheke knelt down next to Trevor. "Why are you so bad at stairs?"
  13. Wave after Wave

    {So you're jealous of the Snake person? How about you be her girlfriend then huh Huh HUH?!} "Feel free." Wheke was close to spewing ink everywhere, but decided that would only make matters worse.
  14. Wave after Wave

    Gilda leant over the railing and threw up. Nope nope nope. ----- Wheke turned and went back down the stairs. Not dealing with this sheit.
  15. Wave after Wave

    {So does my snake person. X3 and she has a cobra hood, she's in my art thread. Lets hook em up eheheheheheheheheeeeh???? *Le lenny face* Jk}
  16. Wave after Wave

    Im scared and confused.} Wheke took Trevor's hand and smiles warmly. The two headed upstairs to see a lot of... things... -------- Gilda pulled a face when the Nocti appeared, she was careful not to step on any. She went over to where Jaw fell. "Jaw?"
  17. Wave after Wave

    Wheke turned to Trevor. "Should we see what the others are doing?" ------ Gilda laughed as Jaw fell off the edge, what a dope. When he climbed back up she sat next to him. "You alright there Jaw?"
  18. Wave after Wave

    Kill them all}
  19. Maxwell's Playground

    I am tempted to join... Hmmmmmmm...}
  20. Wave after Wave

    Gilda climbed onto the boat and sat on the deck. That was enough moving for one day. ------- Wheke starts humming 'drunken sailor'.
  21. Wave after Wave

    Gilda growled as Wiffleball ran past, resisting the urge to chase it. ---- Wheke grinned. "I don't mind, just waiting for everyone to arrive. I think I can see them in the distance." Wheke made room for Trevor to sit.
  22. Wave after Wave

    Wheke sat by the hole in the ship and waited for the others.
  23. Wave after Wave

    Wheke smiled. "Nah, I'm alright. Cold doesn't bother me as much as heat does." ---------- Gilda tried to catch up to Jaw.
  24. Wave after Wave

    wiffleball is flower pot Flowey. Still wants everyone dead but can't do sheit. }
  25. Wave after Wave

    {White Card: Throwing virgins into a volcano} 3 pages. Good job waiting}