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  1. Wheke headed upstairs and looked around. Who could help them make Trevor his normal size?
  2. "Um... maybe ill do this instead..." Seeing Trevor was scared s/he put him into the pocket of his coat that Wheke had sort of stolen.
  3. "Pocket Trevor!" Wheke picks Trevor up and puts him on his/her shoulder. "So tiny."
  4. "Thanks." Gilda finds a place to sleep and rests. ----- "TREVOR!" Wheke kneels down. "Why are you so tiny? What black magic is this?!"
  5. thank you all. TuT} "Alright. Sounds like a plan." Gilda takes the mean and eats it herself. Nice change from fish for once. ---------- Wheke stared at the floor. "T-Trevor?" O^O Wheke runs bellow deck looking for his/her tiny friend. "Trevor! Don't tell me you died! Treeevor!"
  6. Im actually trying to RP, can you not slow down? T^T}
  7. Wheke grabs Trevor's hand and tries to bite the object attached with her/his rows of teeth. -------------- "JAW!" The bloody thing was going to kill its self! Gilda grabs jaw's arm. "We can wait until daylight! Don't do that!"
  8. Wheke still wasn't a 100% used to this gesture. S/he attempts to hug him back, petting his back awkwardly. ----- "Right." Could she make a light source or would it be best to wait until morning? "Do you have anything we could use to make a light?"
  9. Wheke watches Trevor pet the dragon and mutters. "I see who your favourite is now..." ----------- Gilda looks at the orange fish. Did she have any more eggs? She might have to find more, she was becoming rather hungry herself. Perhaps it was time to try and do a little fishing. Perhaps there were pigs and merms around... That would mean free food... "I think we should do some fishing, I don't have much on me." Gilda throws her last egg to Jaw. "Now where would the best fishing spot be?..."
  10. Thats the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it goes!

    1. Ysulyan


      wubba lubba dub dubbbbbbbbbBBBBBBB

  11. I keep getting lost ahah T^T}
  12. Gilda glanced around the mansion one last time before following Jaw. ---- Wheke took a moment to adjust to everything. Why did things have to be so loud. Wheke hid in Trevors coat and stood by the coats owner.
  13. The time im actually here to rp and im behind. X3}
  14. Who wants shippy feeling fics?

    1. DragonMage156


      I do! (I'm shipping trash XD)

    2. Dara999



      I release all my emotional turmoil into the lives of Willowson. 

    3. DragonMage156


      I've read the saddest To the Moon fics so I'm pretty sure I can handle this (unless there's emotional music playing. That can turn me into a sobbing mess :( )

      The difference with To the Moon fics is the theory that someone may actually be dying of an incurable disease D:

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  15. You should ALWAYS put acknowledgements to the original artist. It's terrible when people share without saying who did it. This is by itsablob Heres the sequel to this btw
  16. *Laughs at battal* } Wheke stumbles to their feet, holding Trevor's coat around them. Wheke follows Trevor upstairs, almost tumbling.
  17. Sorry. Usually I'm all for the second chance and I'm probably speaking for Dwer as well when I say no. You've had a lot of chances to redeem yourself...} ----- Wheke sat up. Coooaaaaat. "Trevor man! You forgot your coat..."
    1. DragonMage156


      Nah, my family would hate me for it and they don't play Don't Starve. I could share it with my two friends from Freebird though... once I enlighten them with the whole lore.

    2. Dara999


      Did you mean: Tie them down and forcibly shove lore into their ignorant minds?

    3. DragonMage156


      Maybe. I mean one of them doesn't want me to spoil the ending but the comic makes so much more sense with that knowledge!

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  18. Wheke had gotten to know the floor quite well. The little groves and notches in the wooden planks, the scent of salt and wood. Wheke felt somehow more connected to the world and flow of nature than ever before. -------------- Gilda took a defensive stance in front of Jaw. "It's alright buddy..." Gilda glances back at the orange fish. "We can try to get it back..."
  19. I know. X3 } "That thing's cool... What is it? Can I hold it?" Gilda smiles back.
  20. (w-whoa. I don't want no trouble with the unidentified weapon, mercy plz. Plz be a pacifist run.)
  21. Gilda is following jaw. Was the whole time. Can't prove me wrong!
  22. Wheke continues to lie on the floor. Idk where my fish is.