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  1. Gilda growls and then sighs. "Very happy, dont do it again."
  2. *Purposfully ignores the rp*} I acctually have exams next week so there'll be periods of intense procrastination and also silence} Wheke eats his/her share happily.
  3. I'll have Wheke drop him later if you want it to. X3}
  4. Wheke goes to the corner and sits, putting tiny inky Trevor on the ground next to him/her.
  5. "Huh? Oh yes. That might be a god idea!" Wheke grabs a bunch of food and offers Trevor a lift with her/his palm.
  6. I'd say jaw could lick the syrup off him but would probably just eat Nocti.} Wheke sets Trevor on the table, away from the others. Wheke wondered how to clean the ink off his/her tiny friend. Maybe just dunking him in water would do the trick.
  7. So who is at the table besides the two fish?}
  8. Gilda stands for a moment, unsure of what to do. Did Jaw just throw food at her? Gilda frowns and throws food back at him. --- Owner Gilda returned the gesture, he must have done good! Jaw threw more food at Gilda, he was going to be the best at the 'sharing and caring'. --- How dare he. Thats it. Gilda grabs something and smushes it into his face. --- Owner Gilda was feeding him, he must have pleased her. Jaw eats the food off his face.
  9. Wheke picks the inky Trevor up. "Oh geez.... um.... Sorry? I smell food, I'll carry you over." Wheke runs the two to the table with food with Inky Trevor. --------- "Save some for me you pig!" Gilda pull Jaw back by his tail. "Sharing is caring!" Gilda was starving and this was a pleasant change from the salty ocean fish.
  10. Gotta love accidentally breaking glass in first period of school, so glad today is over. =v="

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      Rest in pieces glass 


  11. Gilda jolts awake baring her claws. "ILL TEAR YOUR GILLS OUT!" Gilda sees Jaw. "Oh, morning." Gilda rubs her eyes and smells something. "Oh woah, whats that?" Gilda gets up and follows the scent. ------------- Wheke is currently passed out on the ground, ink dribbling out of his/her mouth and pooling under his/her head. Wheke stands half asleep. "Mmmmm..." Something smelt good. Wheke started to head off and then remembered his/her tiny friend. "AH" Wheke looks for their minuscule pal.
  12. "Welp. No one's gonna help. You might be tiny forever. May as well get some rest right?"
  13. I had something to say here. I forgot.

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      memes are my kink ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      " I'm glad ogre happy again "

      cit Dara (dont kill me hon)

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      ^ Noob animation

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  14. "HEY CAN ANYONE HELP US?!" Wheke had no idea who knew how to make Trevor bigger, maybe no one.
  15. "Getting smaller would be bad. Don't do that, okay?"
  16. 100% original idea, you can hide your comments Wheke arrives at the mansion with their tiny friend. "Trevor. What black magic are you practising? Can you make me tiny too? Can you make yourself big? Or is this a human thing, shrinking suddenly? Are you going to get smaller?"
  17. Wheke falls over and trevor falls to his death
  18. idunnowhattodoooooooo}
  19. I meant the video} Wheke walks on, blissfully unaware of Trevor's terror.
  20. {Im not sure why that was necessary but I'm not complaining} Gilda smiles at Jaw and pets him as she drifts of to sleep. ----- Wheke heads off to the mansion, holding a torch. Wheke also put Trevor back on their shoulder so s/he could hear him, offering a tentacle as support. What Wheke didn't realise that the tiny Trevor could see the ring of small teeth within each sucker cup.
  21. Gilda wasn't resting, what are you talking about? She crawled into the little best Jaw had made. "Thanks, not a swamp but cosy enough." --------- "Maybe we should go find the others... Do you know where they are?"
  22. So he's not guarding her? Just sleeping too?} Because she's already resting}
  23. {I don't care, any lore is good lore. evenifitscarsyouforlifeandmakesyoucryhilethinkingwhythem} Wheke sat on the deck and fished the tiny Trevor out of their pocket. "Well... I don't know who can help you... Any ideas?" {Has Dwer said anything yet?}