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  1. {Hmmm to tame a Tallbird... Yes... It'll take some work and but she can do it~}
  2. Well I guess I'll type up Cypress's Bio and then wait for someone to come across or we'll find someone else. Keep in mind all my RP'ing will seem slow to you guys cuz I live on the other side of the planet.} Name: Cypress Age: 16 Species/Race: Human An OC for Gravity Falls and Don't Starve~ Backstory: Cypress sat one of the low tree branches lazily, there wasn't anything worth doing. She couldn't find any animals, not even birds or rodents. NOTHING. The cold breeze bit at her arms, gosh she hated he cold. Then again she hated a lot of things... People in general being one of them. Maybe she should get something with the money she stol- uhhhh put to better use, to get herself nothing nice... Then again she might need the money if there aren't any animals to hunt. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. Some days she wondered if leaving was- "Say pal, you look like you could use a pick me up." Her eyes widened and she shot up, almost falling off the branch in the process. She stared at the tall man in the dapper suit, a wide grin seeminlg plastered onto his face like he Joker. What the hell did this oddball want? "I've got an offer for you~" Cypress looked around for a good brach hold to get higher into the tree, 'get away from the crazy man' repeating it's self in her mind. She started her way up into higher foliage. "I've got a range of exotic animals." She froze. Big mistake. That showed she took interest in what he said. Crap. "I know how you love to 'collect'." "W-what do you mean?" "The book? The symbols? The powers? I'm not a fool pal, I know you know what I'm talking about." How the hell did this guy know? She didn't tell anyone. "... What kind of offer?" "I'll show you my exotic animals, can't find them anywhere else." "What's the catch?" "All I ask is for you to take part in my game." "What kind of game?" "You'll find out if you agree, do we have a deal?" The man held his hand out as if the tree would shake it. Exotic animals... What kind of animals? Can't find them anywhere else? Curiosity filled her mind. She hesitantly got out of the tree and shook the man hand. Cypress woke up on cold stone, opening her eyes large boulders lay around her. She stood and started wandering. A large nest lay on the ground, a single teal egg in the centre. Something shrieked behind her, she turned to see an eyeball with feathers on stilts. The animal huffed and shrieked again. Exotic animals indeed... Abilities: Can shapeshift into animals as long as she's performed a certain ritual. Disadvantages: Her sanity drains as she uses her transformations. The attack strength, speed, and sanity drain are all dependant on the animal of choice. She tends to have animalistic tendencies and while in animal for she takes on the animal's confidence. She has an urge to prove herself as an Alpha when confronted.}
  3. {Thanks for the welcome~ I guess time will tell!}
  4. {She kinda sounds like the second girl in Homestuck to me~}
  5. {Well... I'm an idiot and STILL can't find it~ maybe it's cuz I'm on my phone...The sanity thing, I was predicting she wouldn't drain all her sanity in one go. I was thinking she'd replenish it BUT maybe I should just lower the sanity cost.}
  6. Great... *Sighs* Well just go into Deviant art and search Dara1999. She's in my gallery.
  7. Ended* not needed. I'm such a noob here Mena. U got halp me. XD
  8. Well I'm here Mena, you happy? X3 Let's see... Name: Wekesa Age: Kinda hard to explain... Species/Race: Lureplant Health: 130 Hunger: 250 Sanity: 200 She can photosynthesize, this gives 1/5 health, 5 sanity and 1 hunger for each bar of sunlight you photosynthesize for. She can become a bulb and hide. She can create Lure plant bulbs and a maximum of 12 eyeplants. Eyeplants cost 25 sanity to spawn. She walks slowly at night. He speed depends on what season it is. Summer: Normal speed. Autumn: A little slower than normal. Winter: Slower than normal. Spring: Road/Pathway speed. She also doesn't lose sanity in the rain. Rain restores 1/2 sanity and health when >80 every minute. Backstory: The sun sent warm sensations down Wekesa's veins, the sunlight warming her roots, even though they were underground. This was the first time she had ever felt such a sensation. This was the first thing she had ever thought! What is this? She could now feel... It was odd... Where was she, where did she come from, what's the empty feeling in her body? A growl designated from her stomach. She needed... Nourishment... She needed to grow... To feed... A rabbit nibbled on the grass a few meters away from her. A long tongue slowly slithered out of her maw, she could see with it, the tastes and smells melding into a picture. Alas the tongue would not reach the prey. She let out a small growl. She just wanted to ensnare the furry thing and devour it, was that too much to ask? The harder she thought about ensnaring and eating the morsel the hungrier she got. Filled with frustration she snarled and tried to lash out at the harmless rabbit. Something crumbled and moved underground, the soil became loose and one of her roots eased it's way onto the surface. The root gripped into the ground and she heaved, pulling outward. Like some sort of zombie the roots pulled out of the ground, four thick roots now supported the hulking mass. Grass, leaves and vines lay at the base of her stem. The big bulb that was her body, now split wide open showing razor sharp teeth. The leaves around her head shook, sending stray bits of dirt flying. The rabbit needed up being a delicious first meal but she hungered for more. Apperance: http://dara1999.deviantart.com/art/Wekesa-Done-46145877 Advantages: they were listed above, the rain, photosynthesis and such. Disadvantages: The speed thing, she can eat a lot... She doesn't understand humans or emotions well. She's pyrophobic. ----------------- There you go I'll do Cypress later. ^^ Can't wait to join this RP Mena!