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  1. I don't know where anyone is. lol} Two perfect castles. Perhaps there should be a battle or something between them...
  2. "We didn't say anything...." Gilda starts building a castle around the strange masked man.
  3. Gilda builds a sand castle around Jaw's head. She then pokes Syndir. "Do you want a castle too?" ----- Wheke sits by the boat. The snake took Trevor. Now who would s/he carry around...
  4. Who wants to read My Immortal with me next week. nbawjjhwfkjahfkjahfjhahjahhahahahahahahha

    @DwerBomb already got a preview, fun times.

    1. DwerBomb



      well then...I guess I'm going to add you to the Skype group lol

    2. Mobbstar


      I've just read a dinosaur-based love story, so this can only be good.

    3. Dara999



      you don't know what it is do you

      Dubbed 'worst fanfiction ever'

      its a work of art

  5. Gilda pets his head. "Good. Don't drown in sand."
  6. Previous I guess: Wheke takes a second to compose themselves. What a rush! "How was that t- TINY TREVOR!" Wheke falls off the back of the snake. "Tiny Trevor! Where are you?!" After the dragon hands Trevor back then: "Tiny Trevor! Thank you funny snake!" -------- Gilda squats next to the buried Jaw. "You okay in there?....."
  7. It's not even that so much Mena. It's just I miss the best moments for input either because I'm busy or I'm asleep. I already struggle with motivation, it doesn't make it easy when I miss the good bits for input. It makes getting the motivation to catch up and pick up after the good bits hard. And I don't want everyone to be waiting for me all the time}
  8. I know what's happening I just have no input although my characters are right there.}
  9. Siiiiigh. I hate time zones} important moments, or at least ones that will have impacts are the ones I keep missing. Also I can't respond in time for people prompting my input. I might have to start from scratch here after exams...}
  10. So close to freedom. So ready to flop on my last test tomorrow.

    1. Ysulyan


      Good fortune for you c:

  11. "Thats.... an interesting name..." ------ Wheke also screamed and grasped onto the snake's neck, probably holding tiny Trevor a little too tightly.
  12. Wheke graps the tiny Trevor and valiantly holds him up in the air. "WE RIDE AT DAWN!"
  13. Wheke went around the side of the dragon and tried to climb onto its back. Tiny Trevor seemed to be having fun on the big snake, why couldn't s/he? ------- {How do converse} "I assume you guys will be joining this nomadic shoal?"
  14. Thank you for waiting. I'm sorry I have some writers block and exams are killing me.} "This is Jaw... he doesnt talk much... Not proper words anyway... I'm Gilda, nice to meet you." The merm butts in. ------ Wheke shrunk back. "But my tiny Trevor..."
  15. Im waitin for the dragon to smack Wheke for trying to touch its shines} Gilda was pretty sure that the plant thing didn't have wings previously... It was as if some kind of greater force had gotten hold of her attention and left a hole in her memories.
  16. I read trash. I look at trash. I draw trash. I write trash. I live trash. I embrace trash. I am trash. Come join me in the trash can any time. I live there.

    1. Mobbstar


      Shipping trash with whom? Fidooop? o.O

    2. Dara999


      I am the ship masterrrrr

    3. DragonMage156


      Like Asparagus and Fidooop? They are crazy shippers, especially on Skype ;)

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  17. Ahaha probably. To know who's who better. My character's arent too hard to understand. X3 One's a merm Undyne with identity issues and the other is a cinnamon roll that tries to be cool.} Also if someone could stab me a couple times so I don't have to do exams tomorrow, that would be wonderful. *Blows a kiss*} Wheke wanders over yonder and heads over to the dragon, staring at the pouch. "Tiny Trevor......" Wheke reaches out to the pouch. --- Meanwhile Gilda finds her shoal-mate and turns her head. What the heck was he doing?
  18. Im really not sure what to do. } Gilda looks around for her orange friend, he couldnt have gotten far could he?
  19. sighhhhhhhh. What have i missed?}
  20. Wheke hugs the shivering... thing... Poor little.... thing... Yeah Wheke didn't quite know how to describe Noctimus.
  21. I am toast for a week

    1. DragonMage156


      And I am still a dragon. Have fun you two ^_^

    2. DragonMage156



      burn my school down


    3. Dara999


      Ooft, nice taste in music

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  22. Wheke pops the bubbles in the bath as if s/he was a child. OwO
  23. Wheke stands and follows. "Do you need my help in carrying anything?" ---- Gilda shakes her head. That damned sharx... might have been growing on her. Maybe she'd find a use for him, he did seem to follow her orders.