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  1. Wave after Wave

    Poor Jaw... And what a waste of food. Gilda pets his back.
  2. Wave after Wave

    With enough flowers Wheke and Kate headed back to Jaw. "Now we need to go to the reef." ---- Gilda nods. "You'll be fine Jaw. Can you help me get him onto the ship?" Gilda could feel herself drying out as well, she'd have to talk to the winged lizard...
  3. Wave after Wave

    Gilda kneels next to Jaw. "Jaw?!" She shakes him a little. ----- Wheke and Kate look around for flowers, hurrying a little.
  4. Wave after Wave

    "Geez! Jaw calm down!"
  5. Wave after Wave

    "I'm sure we could find them easy but then we need to go to a reef" ---------------------- "Yeah that seems a little dangerous... Considering last time..."
  6. Wave after Wave

    "He's poisoned...." Gilda frowns at her friend.
  7. Wave after Wave

    "I need some help picking flowers. Then I need to go out to sea to help one of the crew!"
  8. Wave after Wave

    "Oh geez..." Gilda watches him fall.
  9. Wave after Wave

    Wheke picks up some shells and heads back to Jaw and Gilda. "We still need a few things that we can't get here. We need to go to a reef." "That'll cure him?..." "We need stuff from there and some flowers!" "Go ask for help, I'll make sure he doesnt move too much..." "We should have sucked the poison out when he got bitten, oh well." Wheke goes off to find someone to help find flowers. "HEY I NEED HELP" Gilda looked at Jaw. Sure she liked him but would she suck poison out of a bite? Probably not... Her skin was sensitive and was having a hard enough time in this environment... She was already feeling dry, no point in accidentally swallowing poison and adding to that. She should see the lizard about dehydration again...
  10. Wave after Wave

    "Ummm... Masked dude?.... Can I have some shells?..." Wheke took out her/his poking device and poked him.
  11. Wave after Wave

    As shells went everywhere Wheke stared. "Oops... sorry..."
  12. Wave after Wave

    "How do we fix him?" Gilda didnt want Jaw to die of poison! "Well this looks like a blue snake bite if i remember what the Yarrctopus said correctly..." What did we need... Wheke runs over to the masked man. "Hey!" Thats what i was going to do}
  13. Wave after Wave

    I wanna draw something for this and animate it but my drawing pen is out of battery. I cry}
  14. Wave after Wave

    Wheke stops being useless and heads over to Jaw, the sharx was sick? "Whats the matter?" "Jaw's getting sick, hes acting weird..." Wheke looks at the sharx. He was buried in sand, that was obviously the issue. "Well he seems to have a bad case of buried-itis oh and possibly poisoning." "Poison?!" "Yeah, it happens in the islands."

  16. Id do that meme box thing but I dont want to show my face lol

    1. Auth


      Mine would just be various flufficorns and a question mark mask in the middle.

    2. DragonMage156


      It's Art vs Artist. Idk the point of it either but I've done it :) maybe it's so you know the face behind your favorite art.

    3. Dara999


      it shouldnt really matter though. Anonymity gives a un-biased face. But i do see what knowing the face behind the art is like, its kinda nice to know.

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  17. Wave after Wave

    "I think he might be getting sick... We need a doctor..." Gilda actually looks concerned for her friend.
  18. Wave after Wave

    "Knock it off!" Gilda wasn't entirely sure what this behaviour signified... Maybe he was coming down with something...
  19. Wave after Wave

    Gilda kneels by him and shakes his shoulder. "Jaw? Jaw!"
  20. Wave after Wave

    "Um... Jaw? You're acting weird a-and so are yor eyes..." Gilda glances around and then back at her fishy friend. "Maybe you should get out of the sand now."
  21. Wave after Wave

    Wheke stopped being in the void and watched the masked not-Trevor collect shells. ---------- Gilda wasn't sure how to reply to that... "Are... You okay Jaw?"
  22. Why didn't I start this assignment earlier.


    Why do I do this to my seeeeeelf.


    1. MenaAthena


      *pat pat* 

      We've all been there, Dara. We've all been there.

      Perhaps if you praise the Sky Waffle it will have mercy on you.

  23. Wave after Wave

    rekt} Gilda looks back at Jaw. "You still not drowned in sand?"
  24. Wave after Wave

    Gilda sorta just sits back and glares at the masked man. That sand castle was really nice....
  25. Wave after Wave

    I don't know where anyone is. lol} Two perfect castles. Perhaps there should be a battle or something between them...