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  1. Wheke goes up to the wheel and stands valiantly. S/he then crashes into an iceberg and the whole crew dies. ------------- "Jaw?" Gilda's weird'd out. She pokes Jaw's shoulder, just gotta check hes real ya know.
  2. I iz very much tire

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      I need your help,
      as I have
      a flat tire.

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      mob this is why i love you

  3. {I saw Weirdo's post on "Oxygen not included" not including oxygen with Joe's reply on Tumblr.} "Thats what he used to say..." -------- Wheke beams. Thats more like it!
  4. Gilda has no words. Gilda is questioning everything. Gilda can only stare and blink and stare... Gilda is throughly confused and concidered jumping into the ocean to see if this is all real. --------- Wheke is also very confused, Jaw was not capitain. S/he was! "Excuse me?"
  5. Reading up on what inspired 'Outlast 2" just before I go to sleep was a mistake. 

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      *tried to go to sleep

  6. ~2 hour floor nap. Still feeling tired af.

  7. "You just got better! You're freaking me out!" Jaw had never used such a big word before not that, that was the first thing on Gilda's mind. ---- Wheke takes a step back. "Maybe you shouldn't have eaten that... I don't know what that does..." Could it be another kind of poison? Wheke would have to go find grunkle to ask...
  8. Wheke went through their items and pulled out the brain coral, some coral, seaweed and logs. "You can try eating this stuff but I don't think it's a good idea."
  9. Wheke smiles, happy to help a friend out.
  10. Gilda watches the lizard jump over the side. There goes her fresh water. Gilda could feel her scales starting to itch a little. -------- Wheke takes out a few limpets. "Fine. Here." S/he offers them to Jaw.
  11. Someone plz help. Dying. Sick as a dog. Sos. 

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      You should drink some tea to stay warm inside. Get better soon!

  12. Wheke glances at Jaw. "I-I don't have much..."
  13. "Out at sea." Gilda heads over to Farmen. "What the hell is going on?!"
  14. "Really? Right now?" Gilda takes out a small fish. It's all I've got besides a few limpets... ---------- Now Wheke gets a glimpse of the gosh darn ugliest thing they've ever seen. More ink flows out of his/her mouth.
  15. Z-zapdos? Is that you?!} We don't use miles.................... Idk how big that is.......} Gilda is happy to see her friend better. "Yes, Wheke knew the antidote..." Wheke beams. "Just helpin' out!" Wheke misses Trevor. "I'm glad you're okay Ja-" A loud screech. That wasn't the Goose/Goose was it? Didn't sound like it and looking at the noise it didn't look like it either. "Holy carp..." Wheke runs to the side of the boat and sprays ink all over the side.
  16. Wheke grabs that as well, it looked... Odd... Maybe useful. Wheke climbs onto deck and sits beside the writhing Jaw. Wheke combines the jellyfish, petals and shells to make a blue mixture. "Um... Hold his mouth open for me?... I don't want to accidentally lose my hand..." Gilda looks jaw. "Yeah... Okay..." Gilda holds Jaw's jaw open. She'd hate for these gnashers to bite down on her... Wheke pours the concoction down Jaw's throat and Gilda moves her hands away.
  17. Wheke salutes and drops into the water. Blue jellyfish, blue jellyfish, bluuuue jellyfish... They might be trying to hide from the coming storm... Wheke swims around the reef, checking among rocks. *Wheke comes to the surface with a vibrant blue blob in their hand. "GOT ONE AHAHHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH IT STINGS!!!"
  18. Gilda looks at meri. "Stop talking! Reef. Now, you faint fish stick!" -------- Wheke scans the water for any sign of the final ingredient they need, maybe the swelling ocean carried it a bit away from its home.
  19. "I AM CAPTAIN DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Wheke walks away from the wheel because scary monster is scary. "IM DOING THIS BECAUSE I WANT TO, NOT BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO." --------- Gilda sits beside Jaw, worried for her friend.
  20. "Now the closest way to the reef is this way I believe." Wheke walks over to the wheel of the boat. Wheke hasn't actually driven a boat like this before.... But being capitain sounded fun!
  21. Gilda knelt by Jaw's side. Not sure of what to do. "CAN WE HURRY IT UP HERE!" She's not a happy fish. --------- Wheke tries to be brave as the sea monster screams. Ink dribbles from his/her mouth. "I agree with the scary fish lady! We need to go." Wheke sprays ink everywhere as s/he talks.
  22. I should do some work but it's sooooo miserable. 

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      Stay home and draw Dwer saving you from the watery hell :p XD