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  1. 6th Episode is here and the votes are in, next episode will see us changing character ^^
  2. After the Epic fail of last time, I have started anew and had much success to far in the same amount of time. It's time to start unlocking characters 5th Video Here
  3. 4th video is now officially live, prepare yourself for noobishness like you can't believe and a mild amount of rage at the end ^^ Enjoy
  4. Hey guys, I'll reply this post everytime there is a new video. I only played don't starve pre caves expansion, so this DLC I am sure will have some funny moments. Hope you guys enjoy. Please leave a like, favourite or Subscribe if you like the series, I really appreciate it Don't Starve - Reign of Giants - Playlist Thanks for all the support so far! 3rd video just went live
  5. Second episode on my journey through this game ^^ I must say that I rather dislike Birchnut Trees haha Don't Starve - Reign of Gaints DLC - Let's Play Episode 2 Please let me know if I can improve the vids in anyway Like and Sub if you would like to see more.
  6. haha thanks!!! I shall be uploading a fair few videos on this I think I am sure there will be many more surprises to come. I'm making a special effort to not read the wiki or to close other videos if they have anything that'll lessen the shock! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for watching
  7. Hey guys, Do you guys prefer the original Don't Starve or the new DLC Reign of Giants? I played Don't starve a while back, before caves etc. Just started playing again with Reign of Giants so thought I'd make some videos about my experience as I play through the game. My first time doing this style of video, please take a look and let me know how I can improve it Hope you enjoy it. Don't Starve - Reign of Gaints DLC - Let's Play Episode 1