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  1. Rhodey makes unnecessarily grim backstories ouo And have recently tried rethinking things .u. I still love yours a ton
  2. Oooh, liking the layout of the text and all. Excitement. also sorry for dying earlier
  3. All good little friend. You take your time, take a break if u need. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
  4. If you would like. Rhodey is just my nickname. Easier to be remembered by.
  5. @Derpime I have no idea what you're asking or referring to. Do you mean the last post? I stated what it is in the post. Unless you mean something else?
  6. Probably going to bring my sketchbook with me while I go up to family's. If I have time and you have requests well...*points to thread name* you can shoot.
  7. Hail Traveler. Mr Skits no. Skitser no skitsing. Skitser no skitsing. Skitser no skitsing.
  8. It's more blog related so I'm actually gonna put this under a spoiler, I'll probably edit the other one as well. :'D
  9. "What's on your mind?" Love the chessboard thing and the creepy eyes. Reminding me of Pride from FMA
  10. Ah-ha! I have seen your art before! Really cool! Can't wait for more in the future!
  11. It was a great stream! All streams are wonderous! Alex and Kelly were fun. Can't wait for later!
  12. Hahaha, I thank you. Tumblr brings about many odd little things. Keep up your amazing...uh...AMAZING-NESS! Oh jeez the screaming intensifies
  13. I told myself I wouldn't post blog specific art here... Whoops. I liked it too much.
  14. Practice every day! That's the artist motto! Doing pretty good, I'd love to see more from you!
  15. I'm actually posting in multiple threads. I think the end times are upon us.

  16. Great work! Hilarious ideas! Hahaha! Maybe some of this will actually happen. XD
  17. Very great work! Inspiration for art is lovely to hear about! You did amazing on this and I'm sure you'll do equally amazing on any art you do in the future.
  18. *dances around to Mario remixes*

  19. And then it turns out he hits something else instead...-squints- WX i swear
  20. Not sure which image you mean. Also jeez!! I just realized a whole lot of my pictures are broken!!!! I'll have to re-link them later. This will not do.
  21. It varies. I typically just use Photoshop CS6, but sometimes I use Paint Tool Sai. It all really depends on my art mood for the day. Sometimes I've even just used simple MS Paint for pieces, but that's rarer and saved for more pixeled art haha.
  22. The first part of many more to come... Don't Starve is my favourite anime. I wonder who else loves this anime.