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  1. Babies all over the place. funny how Kevin Macleod played when I got to the last panel. haha Hope everyone has a good and safe day
  2. late but happy bday to the parental figure! Glad Wilson's finally not dead haha Hope you're doing well! Also the art's looking great as always.
  3. To Do List: Knock out Wilson multiple times in a day or two (CHECK)Kill a friend of his and make his sanity questionable (CHECK)Creep him out in a dream sequence (CHECK CHECK)Make him feel like a worm (BIG CHECK)haha
  4. What do you mean this isn't how the game actually is. I'm pretty sure I just carry around a shouty little woman. Also since the skins update I got my favourite outfit for lumberdork Other Various Blog Related Stuff!
  5. I live again!!! Also will probably be editing my first post here to make it known how old the first post really was. I love seeing my improvement but miss some of the art I loved to make. That aside!! Here's something for now while I sort files and then probably throw more bit around. ShipWrecked Art Stream Requested Art [links to larger version] More later
  6. Breaks are always nice. And I have speculation...that I'm only now thinking of. Is the Wilson we see in this place...'you-know-who'? *SQUINT*
  7. HuffPuffHuffPuff!! You'll never stop me from being nosy!!

  8. LOUD SOBBING! You guys are going to break my heart! Why?! I saw the portrait thing. WHY?!

    1. osmRhodey


      I'll show later but it's of Woodie and it just breaks my heart. Like really breaks my heart. The other characters are fine and then I saw that one and realized what it was indicating and just *cry forever* TmT

    2. Theinsanefruitloop


      awwwwwwww D: Don't cry

    3. osmRhodey


      Short and sweet. Lumberjack lobotomy. :'(

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  9. And then the amulet's second nature kicks in and everyone around Woodie is out cold and he has no idea what is going on.
  10. Literally just waiting for this all to turn topsy turvy and then everyone flips and everything is hell and there's chaos and wills are tested and then...idk. bananas in pajamas
  11. RIP in grassy fields dorkface Wake up sneezing everywhere I feel bad for Webby :c
  12. That last page isn't relevant to the fact I was struck by lightning in game I hope? :'| Because for the first time in with how long I played DS I've only been struck by lightning once...sob. Still intrigues me why his screen would go red though, compared to everyone else who's white Hahaha loving the animations and all. Keep up the great work! ♥ Batteries can be butt. Don't worry too much.
  13. Welcome back. Hope you get some good rest! :0 I wouldn't fret too too much. -patpat- ...Oh no. Oh no. What happened. What'd you do.
  14. Bah how do you say things without feeling like a rude. :(

  15. Oh hi guys. What's up? Having a party back here? Why am I expecting a gobbler to show up and ruin the whole mood and then suddenly lumberdork flips **** and makes WX go "I TOLD YOU!" xD