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  1. Whoops! Died again! Ah let's see what I've got to post around in here. Process of how I draw Woodie An entire conversation between me, DextersComicLaboratory and his gf about modern AU stuff. It gets silly. I heard this one line from a Criken video and just lost it. So naturally I drew a comic off it with the modern AU gang. EDIT: recent decision to put under a spoiler because there is a swear. One swear. But just in case by any measure! I wasn't thinking of it last night. :'D And lastly, for now, some waffles died at Denny's. They had an obituary and everything. RIP the waffles. ;_;7 You will be missed.
  2. Trying to mod and finding that some coding things are just not working with you today. :'(

    I really need to read through this stuff some more but I've been coding for like 10 hours. ;o;

  3. No. Sadly. It's a scot. Best bud in the whole world.
  4. Awww, am I that obvious? hahaha Foiled again by the amazing detective Mobbstar!
  5. I don't know about no wife or anything but that's very sweet Asp. EDIT: I also didn't read into this but I'm already taken by a ginger, so sorry to break your dreams. :'D
  6. I saw the normal crew's valentines, amazed the island crew didn't get any love. So heeeeyyyyy here's your island crew for your valentine's needs!
  7. Trust me, my layer use gets worrying. The more layers the better imo. Don't be ashamed. Mobbstar don't artshame. -pet-
  8. Banana-rama-jama-mama




  9. Press F to pay respects to DST.

  10. One drawing I made /for/ DextersComicLaboratory and the rest I drew with him during drawpile sessions!! His oc Willoughby is a cutie patootie :3c Rest under spoiler cuz it's a loooot.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me, hahaha. It's just a couple of goofballs doing whatever they can.
  12. Another picture from Tumblr shenanigans Between me and DextersComicLaboratory where Wilson and Woodie are trying to sneak in alcohol during the prohibition and get caught and everything gets dumb.
  13. Some art I've been doing on the tumblr blog for a while. owo;;; Sorry I've been really dead!! But I'm not really!! :'D Mistletoe shenanigans from Christmas More kisses but from an anon that I decided to take a new route with!! Me and DextersComicLaboratory hate thunderstorms so just...no. A piece I did with DextersComicLaboratory's OC Willoughby and my OC Weymour standing around talking about plants and ****. owo (the plants listen in) A silly response post to someone with Woodie in some lounge-y clothes and my headcanon for his feet being he has the syndactyly condition.
  14. Welcome to Maxwell's funeral where the only song playing is THIS.
  15. It's no problemos. I love seeing variants in art styles! It's what makes everyone so unique! Oh no, he a demon. >:0 Good thing I'm a lvl3 Paladin. I got u guys covered.
  16. Wickerbottom is an alien. I knew it! Confirmed!! jkjk I love the floof style you got, very cute. .u. Also yes, ty Lucy, you are a sweet sunshiny heart. <3
  17. They're all dressed. Not nsfw, so there's no terms violated. They are all very cute.
  18. Watch in amazement as I fail to survive in stream: http://www.twitch.tv/osm_rhodey

  19. Yeah. :'D What really is hurting me in this playthrough is my base location. I have coral not far from me but I'm panicking on what I should be doing and where that everything is a mess. Live and learn, eh?