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  1. Working on a mod with a friend to implement the other Klei Characters. So I'm working on Eets and how he'll work. Whoooo concept phase normal: angry: afraid: I have ideas on how all of these moods can be tied to the status. ex. Happy-Angry: tied to health Fear(overrides all): tied to sanity
  2. You do not have the DLC required to have an awake version of Rhodey. He remains asleep.

    1. Mobbstar


      Dang it, not another Pay2Win! :)

    2. ImDaMisterL


      FreeToPay games...

  3. Mobbstar got it! Yeah this was the day right before the full moon. Just imagine a beaver with a hangover though. Ha
  4. So there was an event on Tumblr for a prom thingy. I mostly gave my Woodie his GoH attire. Dapper man~ He then proceeded to get drunk off his rocker because the day right after was the full moon
  5. Lolwut? I never said anything hahaha EDIT: mobile bugged it i'm guessing? XD
  6. If you don't know me you probably don't realize how many sticks I use in all of my crockpot recipes.

    Dragonpie - dragon fruit, stickx3
    Fish Sticks - fish, monster meatx2, stick
    Trail Mix - cooked birchnut, berryx2, stick
    Mandrake Soup - mandrake, stickx3
    Fish Taco - fish, corn, stickx2

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Why waste resources when you can waste... resources?

    2. Mobbstar


      High in proteins!

      It wouldn't even suprise me if some blog recommends this diet.

    3. osmRhodey


      Proteins? Ha! Fiber is more like it! Fiber for all your dietary needs!
      And a waste of resources? Phht, I get at least 2 stacks of twigs a day. Don't forget to chew real hard. Grow up big and leafy.

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  7. Huh! That's neato! Better than my recipes of dragonpies and stuff all consisting of mostly sticks. Or fishsticks with monster meat fish and a stick...i feel i embody woodie at this rate...sticks for everything But that's super cool. I could see why it'd be better too and not lower sanity. It just has better presentation and stuff
  8. Oh? How's that? :0 I haven't gotten him unlocked yet so I don't know what stuff he can cook and how. :'D
  9. You're welcome! Get comfy! I've been thinking of making an animatic one day. I'm really tempted to draw it out haha. Few ideas in mind I'll get working on soon enough. c:
  10. Latest drawing and proud of it. If you don't understand the reference it's this [SONG] - Evelyn Evelyn by Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley Wendy is the deeper voice and Abigail the higher voice (Jason and Amanda)
  11. I wouldn't blame him. Beavers are scary when you get in their space.
  12. Love your art on tumblr and now I find it here. What a grand day! Keep being awesome! >:D
  13. It's-a me. Okay yeah that's everything recent uploaded here. Enjoy and have a wonderful day. .w.
  14. You have really cute art! I love how you draw Webber a lot! I'd love to see more of whatever you draw. Keep on doing what you do!!
  15. Update 2 electri-No not that dangit. I was talking with friends about Zelda and it got me to thinking about how I had imagined a reskin of Webber/costume to be that of the Skull Kid. You know cuz it's a kid in the woods and their lost and alone forever. 8'D Anyways now thinking back to it, it'd make a much better mod. So I doodled the little guy in the style. \o/ What do you mean you don't have disgusting Hobo-Wilson needs? Liar! Everyone needs the gross hobo science man. Also my new icon for my Woodie blog which I'm super happy with because I rarely make coloured lines and I haven't put effort into a profile picture in forever.
  16. Always a warm welcome for cool people. Don't want you getting cold. haha Doing amazing as always! Hope you're doing great!