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  1. People talk about how Wilson probably isn't a normal smile person and then just... Coincidence! inhumanrobot has an amazing style but the drawing is most likely similar since the references of Jeff's style and art are there. haha
  2. Watch this be like my only contribution to all of this for a while
  3. Love the perspective you did on this!!! owo It's awesome ewe EDIT: I hadn't realized the song returns! >:3c
  4. YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!! Thank you! The drawings commence! >:3
  5. Did you get Woodie's build anywhere? ;w; I would love reference to draw from.
  6. No you got it. She makes a lot of talk about being claustrophobic now when you put her in a container. I just love this one cuz she doesn't breathe and she catches it. xD I recommend
  7. Although I'll probably never really hear this quote it's quickly one of my new favourites from her. XD
  8. Hopefully this link works. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4k5ekuwo7kmf164/AABxEpODb6CYLFJMRXemJHdma?dl=0 They were connecting via internet. The server was not showing up on the server list and I've both invited as well as them clicking to join game as well.
  9. In response to @DextersComicLaboratory EETS VS SHANK THE GRUELING BATTLE!
  10. All right so I tried that before and now again and even went through all of my programs to allow it through and even went about turning everything off to no avail. I'm not sure what else could be stopping people from joining the server as says it's not responding. No mods on, nothing but caves. So I'm really not sure. Would the log say what was wrong or could it be the invites not working or? :(
  11. Any time I boot up a server I have this same issue, every single time. Boot up a server without caves, it works utterly fine, no issues at all and everyone has a good time. Boot up a server with caves on, and suddenly the srever isn't responding and no one can join. I've tried this with AND without mods. It seems to make no difference. Now I'm not sure if this is some issue to do with a firewall or what but this has been happening for a while and I really have no darn idea how to fix the issue or even what the issue is. If you need any other info or anything let me know.
  12. Man I need to stop loving your art so much. I might wind up serenading you while you stand upon a balcony. Lol Need to play with y'all more too. ;u; I got so lost during the volt goat raid.
  13. He is bear hugging off the ground yes. It's fine but that question made no sense lol
  14. Have you hugged your grandma queenie queen today? You probably should. ♥
  15. I do not. He looks super awesome. I'll have to look into this later on. Honestly I'm inspired heavily from Robert Redford when he played Jeremiah Johnson. But this seems neato too!
  16. I sadly have no idea who that is. Is that good or bad? XD I mean technically yeah you got what was happening. I could link the comics from my blog. They were jokes with a friend. lol
  17. #Favourite Woodie face I've drawn #Favourite Wes face I'm drawn Close battle with this one
  18. That feel when you're just so darn confused about things happening around you.

    Don't read my mind. You will only hear screams.

    1. Auth


      Too late. Also, I think I heard a touch of screeching. Nice.

  19. Working on concept arts. More like: ETERNAL SCREAMING

    1. osmRhodey


      -points to the few arts i posted and screams- i redrew the stuff so much man you don't even know

    2. ImDaMisterL





    3. osmRhodey


      intense sobbing and intense laughing

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