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  1. Maxwell likes to forget that I need a fire on the Lights Out settings So he shall BE THE FIRE
  2. Back when the whole MULTIPLAYER IS A THING was announced I made a thing
  3. Collab I did with @The Letter W I did all the line art and stuffs and she did all the colouring.
  4. And to begin my journey in the fanart area Have a stupid OC pig thingy that my friends made up His name is Skidmark
  5. You are a giant doodey face. And you're missed. ;(

  6. Trying to think of things.

  7. Well for laughs around, here's my worst moment in Don't Starve. I decided to start a new game out of boredom and scrolled through the custom settings.Noticed the "Lights Out" experience.Decide it'd be fun to try it out for a little.Start game. (Now I had played this once before before these next events take place but I died anyways from lack of anything spawning around)NOW THE FUN BEGINSMaxwell pops up, but here's the joke, I cannot see him.Everything is in darkness.He spawned me without a starting fire.I cannot see a single thing.I sit there panicing.HERE COMES CHARLIE.ONE HIT.TWO HIT.DEAD.Survived 0 days.Died by darkness.Tried once more.Same thing.Never played "Lights Out" EVER. AGAIN!!!