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  1. Hi, especially today I was paying attention to the overload of wires and after a day spent playing (6 hours) I have dozens of overloaded errors in illogical places, unconnected wires, unplugged live plugs, bulb wires (single bulb) . It looks as though the game counts the installation as a whole and then overloads the wires in random places.
  2. The current version is 232512, the wire bridges continue to randomly heat up, the connection of 1 carbon generator through the bridge to 1 device 240W causes after some time bridging the bridge and its damage, it happens after some time spent in the game and can overheat the wires to nothing not connected.
  3. Duplicates do not pick up items...

    The whole day (in game) so standing and trying to pick up and throw into the cage, hoisting animation made a throw made but no results.
  4. Duplicates do not pick up items...

    Residents have trouble picking up objects (when there are a lot of them on the map), especially food, they often raise the amount and can repeat it indefinitely with the object. Such objects are likely to occur during demolition with unfinished production inside the stormed facility.