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  1. Beefalo Milk and Cheese

    U have images or video?
  2. Spider Cage

    I request you to another cage design, as this does not please me, including errors in the image clipping and pixelated edges of the silk. Sorry my english.
  3. Supervivencia Natural

    "Echo sin H", "comprovados", "vercion"... ¿Has terminado preescolar?
  4. Freezer

    Maybe instead of making visible the roads, you should find a way to remove some snow over (something like clear the terrain) with a shovel or other implement snowplough. No snow cover the roads, it would be very strange. Sorry for my English.
  5. OH GOD!!! YESSSSSS!!! I can't believe it! Now that I've recovered reason: Thank you to improve and polish every detail of this magnificent work of art, because without doubt, this game deserves that rating. I hope the quality of their work is not degraded, and continue betting strong. "Don't Starve" is not a project that should be forgotten. But I'm sure that you have a good organization about everything, and do not you take one step without calculating what factors went really can go right or wrong. I'm by advertising (word of mouth) Do all I can call my companions because it deserves a wide audience. On the contrary other overrated bad projects that have an unfair position to be just big companies and invest in mass advertising. I hope collect much money, I am proud to have contributed my bit and followed this from the beginning. I had a good feeling with "Don't Starve", and my instinct did not fail. ... Thank you, again, and sorry for my bad English (I use translator). Regards!