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  1. Wow while on reddit I saw this as someones profile pick and I had totally forgot i had been working on this... I need to see if i can find it on my computer and do some more work on it.
  2. If anyone has any links to tutorials for: Creating custom items... hat and hand weapon scythe with the possibility of map icons and how to have characters spawn with them... crafting recipes and how would also be appreciated. How to create custom abilities... I want to have the abilities of sanity gain from farming, double sanity from flowers, double loss from evil flowers, and not being hurt from cactus and viney bushes. Tutorial on how to create custom voices... not just how to add them to a mod but how to create the sound and mp3s that will be used. Anyone who has links to useful tutorials would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello Got Jack into game. I am going to finish up the art for hands and save slot. Then I will look into giving him the hat and scythe. Then I will look into getting the stats and perks set up. Finally at the end I will work on editing his lines for examining things and his voice. I actually do not know how to do custom sounds so I will have to research how to do that. For the character select screen it may be best if Quoth143 creates it to get the proper feel for the character... though I could make an attempt but I do not know how much justice I could do it.
  4. Here is my mock up with side and back of head with the front view of the body. I have done most of the facial expressions on the template I am using and now have to do the arms and legs. Arms will probably be rolled up poofy white sleeves with a black band on each shoulder. Long brown gloves. Legs will probably look boring just being plain black like most other characters. Once all the art is done I will try to continue to follow the tutorial and see about getting the character into base Don't Starve. Once character is done I can worry about custom hat and scythe. If anyone has links to good tutorials I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Here is a quick mock-up of the player character face of Jack I whipped up. What are your thoughts on it?
  6. Alright I think I may give trying to at least create the artwork for a jack mod if it is alright with you. I have a bunch of images saved of jack and wanted to get ideas for how to do his art. Questions: 1- Head shape... should I use Maxwell's head as a template to get the the familial vibe? 2- Facial expression... I see the art drawn of in game character idea and wanted to ask if the kind of sad contemplative look he has would be his default expression? 3- Clothes... looking through the art for his normal clothes the three things he seems to always have rolled up white sleeves with gardening gloves... he sometimes has that weird bolero tie and what appear to be black mourning bands on his biceps... and three either a red vest or suspenders. So I wanted to ask what would be his typical normal outfit as a survivor? 4- Colours... what should his main colours be? I would picture subdued dark red for if he had a vest. Black for pants and shoes. Brown for gloves. Darker blonde than Wendy's for hair (maybe with some grey thrown in). Skin like Maxwell's but not so grey and more tanned. Hat light brown/tan. Hat band looks like a dark green. Hat flower same red as Wendy's. Mourning band black due the morose nature. Tie thingy looks like a really dark red according to the picture of him with Wendy and Abigail. So what is the main artists thoughts on these colors and the appropriateness of them for the character? p.s. Thought of an ability that would make sense for him where he either takes none or half damage from things like spiky bushes and cactus due to his gardening expertise and thick gardening gloves.
  7. Started reading this comic today and all I have to say is fantastic. The story is great and riveting. I wanted to ask have you though more about creating a mod for the character of Jack? His look is amazing and I would love the idea of playing as him. Ok now that I asked that two question... What instrument do you picture his voice being?... and would the scythe you show in artwork be an item and what would it do?
  8. To covert probably would not be feasable at this point due to the high poly count of zbrush but I do plan to retopo this model down to a reasonably level allowing for rigging and use in other programs. I knew I had forgotten something thanks.
  9. I was wondering what everyone thought the character heights would be relative to eaxh other? My thoughts are... Maxwell tallest Wilson about a head to head and a half shorter than Maxwell Wolfgang maybe a few inches shorter than Maxwell. Wendy and Webber probably 2/3-3/4 Wilson's height. Willow a bit shorter than Wilson. Woodie somewhere in between Wolfgang and Wilson. Wigfrid either around woodies height to give an amazon feeling or possibly a bit shorter than Wilson giving a more squat powerful build. Wickerbottom probably a height around Woodie to give her the much needed reach for higher shelves in the library and to give her a more intimidating teacher feeling. Wes I either picture shorter than Willow giving him a small weak vibe or a bit taller than Woodie giving him a a tall lanky weirdo feeling.
  10. I would not make them all skinny like Maxwell. Wes would probably have a similar build. Wilson would probably have a with thicker of a build but not nearly as tall. Woodie would have broader shoulders, thicker core, and bigger arms. Wolfgang would be built probably like like an upside-down triangle broad at top but getting thinner as you head to the feet, kinda like Mr Incredible. Wigfrid I always pictured having a relatively muscular build and being decently tall. Wendy and Webber would have more child like builds with shorter limbs bigger heads and being shorter than the rest. Willow and Wickerbottom would have a bit of indication of their gender but obviously done tastefully. Thin limbs but not lanky like Maxwell, though I can picture Wickerbottom as both really tall with perfect posture looking like a severe school teature or kind of short.
  11. I used zbrush for the sculpting and will probably bring it into Maya later for some tuneup and rigging. The color of the suit is what mainly had me stumped because sometimes its light grey, sometimes dark, or even brown in game, or purple in some art. Though I will probably give it a more purple color now that I remember that purple is linked with shadow in this game. Thank you minespatch for the compliment the face i spent a while with experimenting on the skin put most of the clothes I plan to heavily remodel and retexture to give cleaner edges and sharpen the textures. I wanted to get a feel for the aesthetics of the game mainly while partially being inspired by the modelling style of movies like Nightmare before Christmas. Depending on how this turns out I may try to model a couple of other characters from Don't Starve with similar body styles not the stumpy child look in game. Probably Wes because I love the goofy weirdo and either Wilson as the face of the game or Woody because it is aboot time Canada gets more cool characters, eh.
  12. Hi everyone I have been a huge fan of Don't Starve for years. I have recently gotten back into 3d modelling and decided to model Maxwell one of my favorite characters from the game. I still have work to do on the character with retopologizing, recreating hair and retexturing and detailing, But I wanted to ask for some constructive criticism from other fans of the game. I wanted to give him the feel him as a player character with more wrinkles, bit of a comb over and generally older feeling while giving him some of the proportions more appropriate to his puppet master form. So I wanted to ask what do you guys think about the proportions, colours, and overall feel of the character? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I see Wes as bad when you consider him by his usefulness... but i see it as anyone who has unlocked him and regularly plays him will probably be good enough to counteract his weakness and hunger problems.
  14. What i would think would be interesting would be to make it so that there was a 2 in game sunrises before a player that got killed could rejoin a world to maybe give the other players a chance to die and have the world deleted.I also think respawn items should spawn only at sunlight so players dont have to worry about spawning in darkness and insta dying... what this would also mean is that if you die early on in the day you have to sit there and wait to be respawned till the next morning.