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  1. early game shelter could be made of a rope and two twigs and you simple tie down a tree as cover. You'll loose the materials the following morning. It's what you would normally do if you are to survive in a forrest, still not a vialbe option for the late/midgame, for those i have no idea, maybe a couple off boards tied together to form some sort of roof. Should no be very big, basicly only to allow the player or maybe the crockpot to be there
  2. currently at day 80+, the longest i have been able to so far, do 'cheat' a little and have turned the giants down to less rather then on default and to better learn to handle the summer i have a short summer season atleast to learn it and figure out what i can improve on. anyway pictures! and appoligies in advance pictures are hosted on steam. And yes I'm using mods, bugged me like mad that i always forgot to switch the bloody bagpack and armor when i needed to >.<