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  1. Minimap HUD

    make it work for shipwrecked
  2. Custom Character: Link

    TOO OP
  3. Up and Away

    is there going to be an alpha 0.0.6 or beta's coming? or when beta's coming?
  4. Max Stacks

    ctrl+left click you pick the half of them then again ctrl+left click put 1 down kill the ones you want
  5. Up and Away

    it worked i set it to 3 it says "out of date" but this is way more better than not working thanks a lot! both mods got fixed
  6. Up and Away

    yes windows xp,and i know there isn't any space before klei i have bin,mods,data folders in don't starve folder ah these are really buggy mods i don't need them
  7. Up and Away

    what is API?
  8. Up and Away

    there isn't any log.txt at Documents\ klei\donotstarve do i need to create it?
  9. Up and Away

    once the mod crashed with the memspikefix mod and i can't re-enable it it says "crashed on last use automatically disabled" when i enable it , it disables itself i tried to reinstall them but that didn't work can someone help?
  10. Up and Away

  11. Up and Away

    i can only get up with winnie?
  12. i only remember to full moon days <3