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  1. "We believe that Don’t Starve Together will support 2-4 players simultaneously." With a player cap that small, I can't imagine that multiplayer games would be anything but invite-only, or at the very least, accepting people's requests to join. Another thing, about not having any friends that have the game, you've got three options, as far as I see: Get your friends to get the game. Play singleplayer. Deal with griefing.And if you're in control of who joins, it's purely up to you if they end up destroying your things. Don't play multiplayer in a game like Don't Starve, unless you trust them, or don't value your stuff. Oh well, we can either hope Klei gets it right, or we can deal with it. And please don't argue about how the cap could be bigger, because I wouldn't imagine it'd be too much bigger, and the point still stands.
  2. If this ever was a thing, you would have to not get a sanity boost for burying those that you killed. Because killing someone to bury them to restore sanity is unbalanced, and for some reason, creepier than killing them to eat them. I guess a simple way to go about this would be to drop normal meat from players, but the meat has some information stored in it, that says it's human, so if you eat it (or even pick it up), you get a huge sanity drop. And I guess the burying thing could work by just using the shovel on the skeleton or whatever. I don't know. But I don't think this is a bad idea. At the end of they day, people are playing a game, one about not starving, no less, so I don't think they'd think too much into the fact that it was a person.
  3. There was also: Which was before 001, before they put the tally mark in.
  4. Looking at it, it seems like it says: Mar(k/x) V & (G/C)emini XXI