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  1. Mysterious notes?

    My girlfriend figured it out, I still have no idea how. She's also never even played the game. #bogglesthemind I typed up earlier what she told me was her thought process but I don't understand it. She's way smarter than I am.
  2. Mysterious notes?

    Because I've been in this thread all day and lurked the forums before and all new posters have been accused of being Klei's in hiding. No reason to join until now if I had nothing to add!
  3. Mysterious notes?

    Haha, not Joew. Been following this all day and only recently signed up. Got the girlfriend involved, she came running with Castor and Pollux just now. Her explanation: The Crazies the 2nd, 6th, and 10th have capitalized C's In the greek alphabet they correspond to Beta, Zeta, and Kappa (noted elsewhere above as well) In astronomy, Beta, Zeta, and Kappa correspond to the brightness of a star Castor and Pollux are filed under Beta for their brightness They are also known as the Gemini Twins In certain Greek stories Zeus believed if they were every seperated chaos would reign, (Together and Alone) She said When People wish upon a star (Wish upon a star is the name of the background image) people are actually wishing upon Venus. In the summer night sky Castor and Pollux are near Venus. (She lost me here on this part.)
  4. Mysterious notes?