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  1. A feature of the Aporkalypse. Since you asked.
  2. I too have found this. I've been able to destroy the Jeweled Truffle with Gunpowder, but can't get close enough to chisel it. It seems to have a spot where the beam of light should shine directly on it, so I believe it's simply a placement bug.
  3. You've received a view replies already, but I figure it's worth clarifying. That's the tempo, i.e. the beats per minute (bpm). In accordance with the note type, that's 120 quarter-notes per minute (2 per second), but since this is in a 6/8 time signature the bars (space between each vertical line) are measured in 6 eighth-notes (the weight of each note is different than in 3/4 time). So with the first lyrics, "We sing through dark of coldest night" takes 3 seconds even though it happens across 2 bars. So, if you listen to this metronome The distinct little "bong" signifies the start of each bar in the sheet music, and is usually a more emphasized lyric, such as the words "sing", the word "dawn", "gone", etc. If you sing along like it sounds in their music video, you'll probably find that it matches perfectly.
  4. Player got trapped in a room in the ruins when the door became locked behind him
  5. Hey, darkfiona, would you mind horribly if I used some assets of yours for a version of my own? The Herbalist tab in particular? Wisteria's one of those characters that I really feel a love for, probably because of her fleshed out character, and I'd like to see if I could make her into something that stands out. I'm super ametuer as any kind of modder/programmer, so, y'know, practice makes perfect and all. Y'mind?
  6. ... Are there even 17 kinds of birds in the game? Gobbler, Redbird, Crow, Pengull, Snowbird, Tallbird, Smallbird, Buzzard...