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  1. I don't even mind the crashes. I just am tired of having the seasons change back to spring every time I enter the ruins.
  2. [Crash] [Gameplay]

    I am also a victim of this glitch. I remember how dedicated Klei was during the beta to fix all manner of bugs presented, and after release. I thought that they were doing a really great job responding to issues and polishing this game as much as possible. But this one has been going on for too long. I bought Don't Starve on my Switch immediately upon purchase of the Switch, as it is definitely a game I would consider a "must buy". I experienced this issue upon first entering the ruins, and thought "ah, that's weird that it's spring after a crash, I wonder if others have had this issue?" Lo and behold, it has been going on for the Switch release for a while now, claiming to have been fixed at one point, but still being an issue. Now multiple bug threads on it have been left without response for months now even through updates. I just want to be able to go to the Ruins on my switch without resetting my season to Spring when I had just made it through Summer. Please Klei, this needs to be addressed. It is a serious issue, and I remember you all as better than leaving a bug this big by the wayside.