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  1. OOO, stuff's changing!



    Phantom Chica between FNAF 1 Bonnie and FNAF 1 Freddy's legs

    FNAF 1 Golden Freddy Changed

    Springtrap Changed

    Shadow Bonnie Appeared.

    "FNAF World" is spelled out where "Thank You" was spelled out.


    This must be so confusing for everyone that doesn't know about FNAF World

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  2. <3 L + Mena= Lena forever <3                                                                                                   (lololol jk)




    Lena is the name of Mena's doppleganger.


    Also, Mena's already married.

  3. Alright, I've noticed a clear problem with Deerclops. The fight can go pretty well, but if we can't finish the fight, Deerclops will despawn the second it goes offscreen and out of sight of any player, returning the next day with full health. Is it too much to ask that it acts like other mobs and not despawn like that? It's a pain to teach my friend to kill it when he loses hope after it heals.


    You clearly aren't doing a good enough job, then. In my world (Since I either play alone or I'm the only one brave enough to take on the behemoth) I've figured out you can win without losing ANY hp just by hitting him twice, running, then running back, hitting him twice, running, etc.

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  4. yeah, true... there's like some sort of snowy... cloud-like trees...

    attachicon.gif[email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>

    but uh... where are the palm trees? does this mean we get *GASP* 2 NEW TREEGUARD TYPES?! ERMERGERD THESE MUST BE THE ESKIMOS THAT THE PALMTREEGUARDS ARE AT WAR WITH!!!!!! :o


    I just think there's going to be multiple types of islands and that there's beach biomes for obvious reasons as most islands have beaches.

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