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  1. Yes. 


    Why are you so mad at him? What negative thing is so bad to you about all this "Milking"? Clearly, if it was just a poor copy paste, he wouldnt have so many fans. If it aint broken, dont fix it, as they say. You've got literally nothing to complain about, and the guy's just making a living for his full family, not to mention as soon as he gets a large amount he dumps it on a charity. If you dont want to support the milking, then dont buy it. simple.

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  2. Awww, Webber feels bad. It's okay Webber, at least she didn't kill Chester.

    Speaking of... I wonder if Shirtless!Woodie is still looking for him. Since Chester finds you again so long as you have the Eyebone, without needing to be retrieved... 

    ...Is that too nit-picky?


    Anyway. Drive safe, Loop!


    You realize that no matter how hard you shrink your text, I can still see that crime against humanity.


    Just type "Shirtless Canadian Dude with Curly Chest Hair" or something, there's no need for that ! .

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