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  1. I have no idea what's gone on and been said in here, but I do have my two cents to throw in from general experience of my server.

    I play survival, because I like the challenge, personally. However, I actually like some of the changes.

    Not for me, no no, I hardly find myself dying to anything anymore, I've memorized all the patterns with my Pro Skills Strats™

    But, I have a lot of traffic through my world sometimes, and not everyone is a pro. While yes I do get annoyed sometimes, I like to help out the beginning players, tell them some pointers, tell them what to do and not do and even let them develop their own Pro Skills Strats™

    Personally, I didn't read a lot of what was said here (Because I don't like reading people screaming and yelling at each other, go moderators!butnotmisterL) but I do know that a lot of what was said here was downright unnecessary. Yes, the game has gotten easier, and personally, I don't like the flint birds and the booster shot change. Just know that you should never join a 900 day old middle-of-winter empty dedicated server, and there's countless ways to get flint, via meteor landings, or asking people for some. Perhaps, keep some of these changes in the other modes, OR, perhaps, go to the veterans, the champs, the olympians, space cadets, war heroes, etc. and make a NEW gamemode that is all what Don't Starve was and should be: (in my opinion.) A game all about survival, endurance, and defying the odds. Yes, accidents happen, yes, you will die. But no game under any circumstances should fall into the new-fangled "Everyone's a Winner!" category. (RIP Mario Party)

    And yes, people can make the game harder. That's what world customization is all about. But we shouldn't have to for challenge. I don't have 1,000+ hours clocked into the game, but combined with the base game I've got 500+ at this point.


    And while I'm sure the moderating team (what an uncanny group of folks they are) is already on the case, please keep any personal jabs, backstabs, slices, splices, stabs, *SHCK*s, clangs, scraps, and all other forms of personal knife-y combat out of this. We don't want that bad rap lingering around here.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Lord_Battal said:

    This is a massive and unnecessary necro, but hey!  At least we got to see where ridiclious came from!

    this isnt where it came from

    59 minutes ago, haywardGB said:

    *Ridiculous < -- I might be dyslexic, but at least I know how to use spell check ;)


    its spelt that way for a reason, look at Mobbstar's title here on the forums ;)

  3. 17 minutes ago, haywardGB said:

    Has this been enabled again in recent updates? I think it's a good feature to have for wilderness and cooperative servers. Or is there a new thread on this? Non of the commands work anymore , nor the mods! 

    Hey, buddy, got a few things for you.


    1. This thread was almost 3 years ago.

    2. This isn't in the Don't Starve Together area.


    GetWorld().minimap.MiniMap:ShowArea(0,0,0,10000) (TAKEN STRAIGHT FROM WIKI)

    Works for me. Only works for folks with those owner powers, though.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, t0panka said:

    dude just WTF you just made in your head. You assume that everyone is greedy as F??? This is not CSGO/TF2 community so plz stop with this madness.


    Not yet. Not yet. People think "We're not that community, that can't happen to us!" *cough* Unturned *cough*

    Just wait for the new ones to roll in. Just you wait and see. As they say, Mo' Money, Mo' Problems. And, as someone that's played around DST servers a bit, I'm actually REALLY glad the general public of DST players doesn't use the forums, because there's a lot of downright toxic people out there...

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