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  1. No-one got the reference. T-T


    I'm sorry. I don't know why. For some reason I feel like I should hate you. There is just.. something.. inside us me that makes me feel like I should hate me you. 


    ฬђคՇ'ร ђคקקєภเภﻮ Շ๏ ๓є

  2. Many questions.

    How many tallbirds does it take to screw a light bulb in?

    How tall is a tallbird, in Kilometers?

    Why don't tallbirds overheat, even if they are so fluffy?

    What does a Tallbird eat?


    A average sized Sisyphus is rolling a sleeping tallbird up his mountain. Considering the erosion pattern of the soil under the tallbird, how many trips would it take for the tallbird to stay stable once rolled at the top?

    How many licks does it takes to get to a tallbird' center?




    On average less than 0


    They are similar to penguins pengulls, they can shift their feathers to cool down more


    seeds, berries, nuts




    You are a pervert, but I'll answer it anyway. 367

  3.  I'm just gonna have to cook up all those delicious eggs!


    You monster. You cold hearted *******. Ending life so soon. You greedy, starving son of a *****. Cooking up innocent smallbirds for food. You disgust me. 


    You could have at least raised one. 


    You murderer.

  4. Lol. Good answer!


    Small birds take that long to become adults? Holy crap!! The only time I ever hatched one, he lasted maybe a day before he got killed. I have a chest full, I'm thinking about raising. Probably gonna need to pen them up after they hatch.


    Well, due to smallbird's preferred diets, and being that most medical professionals recommend feeding your smallbird at least 4 times a day,  that's 36 seeds you're going to need. For 1 day.  That's 10 days of 36 seeds, so 360 seeds. (Or berries) Now they should be teenbirds. Medical professionals recommend feeding teenbirds 8 times a day. 72 seeds a day, for 18 days, is 1,296 seeds. Add that up and in total you will need 


    1,656 seeds. (Or berries, or other fruits and veggies)


    I recommend just stocking up berries and only raising 3 at a time. Then you only need 12 seeds a day, which isn't that hard if you already stocked up, and only 120 for 10 days. then 24 seeds a day, and a total of 432. Add that together and it's only 


    552 seeds. (or berries)

  5. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen tallbird?


    400,000 KM a second

    If there are 3 tallbirds standing around you in an equilateral triangle and the top birds leg is hurt, only allowing it to reach 1/3 of it's top speed, at what angle should you run to maximize your time to live?


    You dig a tunnel.

  6. It's very often this happens, it happens to me when I run on a slower computer, as it tends to lag when glommer first spawns. Could just be your computer didn't feel like handling that right then.