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  1. I used to know the answer to this.
  2. It's not always the same, but on average 10% of the day.
  3. 1) If you way less than 140 pounds, yes a) Nope.avi 2) Nope.avi 3. Sure. Here it is:
  4. 1. No 2. Depends on the ship 3. the weirdobob mod (possibly in development) 4. You aren't 5. No
  5. 1. There are reports of them liking This Song. 2. No. 3. They do not eat meat. 4. Tallbirds are awesome Although, they prove to be dum This haiku is bad 5.they get bent, folded, and stuffed inside their feathers. 6. 3 or 4 7. ∞ 8. Ask the truth one "what is one divided by zero", tell the one that lies if he has a crush on the one that kicks balls, it will say yes, so the one that kicks balls with kick it in the balls. while all this confusion is happening, go in one door, and use the now too-confused-to-move truth telling tallbird to break a path that connects the three doors. 9. Kill it by dragging it into a tallfort, then surround the house he spawns from with toothtraps/bee mines I am getting tired of calling people heartless B*******.
  6. 1. The same as normal, just longer wings, as they store fat in their wings 2. Dirty Beefalo Wool 3. They have two, it's just safely stored on the back of their head under their feathers. (anybody get the reference?) 4. Shocking results have shown in a recent study one tallbird owned by a man who's name started with The Letter W was so intelligent that it got allowed into Harvard University. When asked, several colleagues said similar things such as: "I don't know how I got shown up by a tallbird, especially that whoever owns it trained it to walk sideways" It's IQ is 11,786. The average tallbird has an IQ of 56.
  7. You can put 9,001 items inside a tallbird. Have craptons of guardian spiders to protect them.
  8. Chester? Chester. Chester chester chester chester. Chester! CHESTER!! Chester. Glommer.

    1. Auth


      Coming soon to the blind box: weirdobob, the master of sideways

    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      I tried to look at it straight on, but it kept moving sideways :)

    3. Auth


      By the way, I am definitely NOT foreshadowing anything with this Chester "update"

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  9. 1. on average 56 2. because they are incredibly attached, and tend to not ever come off 3. 1 smallbird. Blast the dragonfly with an ice staff, making it incapable of attacking, and let the smallbird do the dirty work. 4. Their beak is incredibly strong. 5. Wait, what? *checks* OH MY GOD! Because the are allergic to birch nuts. Have you ever wondered my secret to finding out all this information on tallbirds? Click this to find out. (Might want to open in new tab, because it makes 2 of it)
  10. No, it's just I hate everybody except Gumhoy and the truthseeker. They are on the "I won't kill them, unless I need to" list. But you, killing the poor, innocent smallbirds, you, you, You Coward. Too afraid to test your skill. You know you can't keep one alive. Not even one. That's why you kill them, because as far as you think, they end up dying anyway. You think it's too hard. You think you're a bad parent. You don't want anyone to know how terrified you are. You would rather make Krampus come closer than raise a smallbird to share your base with. It's okay, you can admit it. There's no shame in it. That or you're just a lazy ******
  11. Not going near hound mounds and having a heavily guarded home base If I didn't have enough reason to hate you, I definitely do now.
  12. 0 nanoseconds feathery mush 13 feet/ 4 feet | eye Brother, everything in my personal realm is sideways.
  13. What? What? No- it's not. How could- but- ...what?
  14. I'm sorry. I don't know why. For some reason I feel like I should hate you. There is just.. something.. inside us me that makes me feel like I should hate me you. ฬђคՇ'ร ђคקקєภเภﻮ Շ๏ ๓є
  15. 3,987,123,596,987 On average less than 0 They are similar to penguins pengulls, they can shift their feathers to cool down more seeds, berries, nuts 40 You are a pervert, but I'll answer it anyway. 367
  16. You monster. You cold hearted *******. Ending life so soon. You greedy, starving son of a *****. Cooking up innocent smallbirds for food. You disgust me. You could have at least raised one. You murderer.
  17. Well, due to smallbird's preferred diets, and being that most medical professionals recommend feeding your smallbird at least 4 times a day, that's 36 seeds you're going to need. For 1 day. That's 10 days of 36 seeds, so 360 seeds. (Or berries) Now they should be teenbirds. Medical professionals recommend feeding teenbirds 8 times a day. 72 seeds a day, for 18 days, is 1,296 seeds. Add that up and in total you will need 1,656 seeds. (Or berries, or other fruits and veggies) I recommend just stocking up berries and only raising 3 at a time. Then you only need 12 seeds a day, which isn't that hard if you already stocked up, and only 120 for 10 days. then 24 seeds a day, and a total of 432. Add that together and it's only 552 seeds. (or berries)
  18. 400,000 KM a second You dig a tunnel.
  19. Both actually happen to be about 3 days in-game.
  20. I know all there is to know about tallbirds. Ask me a question. I'll answer it.
  21. Smallbirds often don't attack, just provide support by chirping. If they sense you REALLY need them, they might peck 1 singular spider once then flee. I'm kinda a tallbird expert.