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  1. No, Wilson, no... I'm much more than that. Keep talking to me and you'll see.


    Just her presence alone was lowering the scientist's sanity at an alarming rate. 







  2. Wilson stopped in his tracks, turning his head to look at his shadow. He sigh heavily before putting his head in his hands.

    "I don't have time for this..." He muttered.


    Oh, come on... You know you want to talk! Tell me all about your vast intellect, Wilson. I want to know alllll about it.

  3. Crow's actions concerning Addomiddius seemed to shock Athena, but she laid down like he said to. "Dude... did- did you just kill him? I mean, I know he was kind of annoying, but he was sentie- AH!" Her sentence was interrupted by a pop as her shoulder moved back into place. She had to bite down on her lip to keep from uttering a string of curses. "Yep, I think it's in place now." she hissed out through clenched teeth. Wilson, having completely lost his cool, was pacing and fidgeting as he tried to get a hold of himself. It looked like he wouldn't be of much use for a while. (Weirdo, if you want Joe to start talking to him now would be a good time.)


    Hey there....


    *Wilson's shadow looks like it's speaking to him, but only he can hear it*


    You don't look so hot. You need a snack, or something?

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  4. -When someone joins as WX and eats all the stockpiled gears, leaves, and never comes back


    -When a wolfgang decides he needs to be in the mighty form all the time and wastes all the food


    -When somebody does nothing but sit at the base (Seriously, how is the game even fun at that point?)


    -When someone decides to "brb" then rages because they died to something and everybody didn't drop everything to save them


    -When someone steals the thing I just made in the crockpot


    -When someone harvests all the farms/drying racks and keeps it to themselves


    -When someone disconnects and they have something super important


    -When a new person joins and expects everyone to bend over backwards for them


    This list actually goes on for quite a while....

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  5. To me it looks like a moulding of Bonnie and Freddy.


    I personally reckon that that Mike Schmidt is the guard in FNAF 3 (we never hear/see his name), granted he will be 30 years older.


    After Freddy's closed, his mind was already susceptible to hallucinations, hence why in Fazbear's Fright, a simple closure of the air vents sends him into a panic attack. He sees that Fazbear's Fright is opening and decides to see what is going on. He notices Springtrap doing his thing but fights to 'end' what is going on.


    Obviously it burns down (whether it was arson or not is debatable), he frees the kids spirits and the Purple Guys spirit is no longer bound in Springtrap, but still bound to this Earth.


    So what is he going to do? Haunt an already weak man's mind. The man who knows Freddy Fazbear's the most after him and Phone Guy (R.I.P).


    I actually made a similar theory a while ago

    It's been 30 years since that job. That terrible job. When Freddy Fazbears closed down, you were more than relieved to finally watch them be taken away, one by one, the new "and improved" animatronics. Your hatred towards balloon boy. Your absoloute fear of Foxy. The intimidation of Freddy. The loud radio of Mangle. And him. The puppet. You watch as they pick up his box, his lifeless body, and the music box. You watch as they trash it, and toss it onto the heap of garbage of what was Freddy Fazbear's family pizzarea.   You have tried forgetting about all of it, but when the new pizzarea opened, you remembered all those horrible memories, the hallucinations, the shadows... you walk into the new place, look at the animatronics, look at the office, and you can feel their presence. You know they are there. But you feel another...    A spare room. One not labled on the cameras, nor imput into the animatronic's minds. The panic room. You walk in to check it out. As a respected Fazbear veteran, nobody questions you. Nothing to note in here, just some arcade cabinets, and... the original Bonnie animatronic. From the first diner. The hybrid. The myth. The legend. It seems to be staring at you... you see things... It's him...   You walk out of the pizzarea, now trying to forget all about Freddy Fazbear and the crew.   Now it's now. Those 30 years later. A horror attraction is opening.   And it features old parts from the place you worked. You get a call.   They want it to be as authentic as possible. They want a guard that previously served, one that has experience. You've had enough of Freddy, once and for all. You agree.   You've done it. You've lasted the 5 nights they hired you for. But with the keys to the building still in your hands, you sneak in the following night.   That's it. It's almost over. You're almost done. Just light the match-

  6. (Sorry guys, I kinda lost my motivation for this. This rp may end up going into sleep mode for a while, but for now let's just continue on.

    Since Dara hasn't made a move in a while but hasn't announced she left, we'll say that the Puppet Master felt that one death was enough for now and put Cypress and Wekesa in a sort of suspended animation at some other place before they got burned up. Then if Dara comes back I can just put her characters right back in.)

    While Halved and Wakana successfully repelled the hounds near them, the final few that were left had Wilson and Athena surrounded. Athena got her pain under control and sat up, looking royally ticked off. With a simple hand gesture, a bright flash of light temporarily blinded anything looking in Athena's direction, including the hounds, allowing Newleaf's vines to finish them off.

    With the hounds all dead the only sound left was the inferno that was the camp and a few neighboring trees. Wilson, now able to fully grasp the situation, stared at the burning camp in shock.

    " no no nO NO!"

    He ran over to one side of the camp, and sure enough, his desk and work area full of papers, handmade books, and other important looking stuff was up in flames, unsalvageable. He sunk to his knees.


    *the female shadow posing his also falls to her knees*