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    So I decided to look more into the new stuff added yesterday (7/30/2015) and I found a couple of things involving giving the new trinkets to the parrot. Here are the notes I took.


    Giving the bird one of the following items will grant you certain items and a quote. 
    Sextant- 2 red gem/1 red feather- "armor was not made by man"
    Toy Boat- 2 blue gem/1 red feather- "potential no more. What once was"
    Sea Worther- 1 purple gem/ 1 red feather- "a stone smaller than a pebble"
    Old Boot- 5 red feather- "to every new person you meet"
    Soaked Candle- 7 gold/1 red feather- "Two old ones made the new
    -The bird seems to come back after some time, most likely a day.
    -Certain trinkets give certain loot and certain quote of some sort.
    -Random quotes are parts of a single message, possibly a hint.
    -Snagging "flotsams" can give one of the following randomly (normal resources seem to be more common than the trinkets while the old boot and sextant seem to be more common than the other 3 trinkets):
       -cut grass
       -old boot (trinket)
       -sextant (trinket)
       -toy boat (trinket)
       -soggy candle (trinket)
       -sea worther (trinket)
    I dont know what the quotes mean or in what order they go in. Maybe someone can find out?



    Already solved a while ago pal, it's what lead to Shipwrecked being discovered in the first place.

  2. This isn't to say there's a possible way to transplant the things.

    There are many things we don't yet understand on this island.

    I mean heck, this is the land of magic and nightmares with some science.


    As far as the colour




    Unless it's a play on things, the colours do not seem to be of the same palette.





    EDIT2: Looking at the thing holding the eye it almost looks like there are stems or vines or something...creepy much?


    it appears to just be wooden steaks keeping it from moving imo.

  3. The Mods renamed the thread. This is amazing.


    As far as the knowledge of the portals, as I see it and as I've talked to people the knowledge is granted by Them.

    The nightmare-ish forces on the island.

    They grant you knowledge and sometimes power but it comes with the price that they then own you.


    Idk, I just had a rambling thought in my mind. :'D


    As for the portal, this gave me reason to go peep into the files and take a closer look...

    I'd wanna say whoever said eyeplant...Holy crap I never thought of that and I think it's confirmed.

    It has the same semi-green iris and the ruffles on the edge are indeed green. Nice!




    Eyeplants don't blink


    Eyeplants are hooked into the lureplants


    Eyeplant's do not have resizeable pupils as they aren't actually eyes and are mouths




    The color is also the same color that teenbirds have accompanying their black feathers.

  4. The eye from my understanding is just a smallbird shoved inside the frame, as seen by the ruffage surrounding the eye, and what appears to be a beak in one area.


    The portal does have traits of derpclups deerclops as seen by the arm and (possibly) the antler of the deerclops being on the top of it. I've heard some people say it was pipes, but I've never seen pipes in DS and have never seen the portal emit exhaust of any kind.


    These are really the only parts of the portal that stand out from my opinion.

  5. Shale


    a rock of fissile or laminated structure formed by the consolidation ofclay or argillaceous material.




    a basket with a hood over one end, for use as a baby's cradle.




    deceased; dead.




    a bony or chitinous shield, test, or shell covering some or all of thedorsal part of an animal, as of a turtle.






    Wait, whoops wrong signature




    a person's name, or a mark representing it, as signed personally orby deputy, as in subscribing a letter or other document.

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  6. (I'm more of a fan of personal RPs to be honest. And this hit 100 pages too.)

                                                                                                         however nobody seems to like my roleplays

  7. Well there is still the DLC to come, and the movie later still.


    The movie wasn't confirmed.


    You are aware that each year there is roughly 1,000 fully-made or fully-planned movies that don't get released? Yep, it could just happen. I don't really expect the FNAF series to actually get a movie, but I feel WB jumped on it to make sure nobody else could. That's how the industry works, or at least, that's what I've heard from friends that work in the industry. 


    However, another video game had a movie confirmed for it.

  8. 1. Why do they want to kill you this time?

    2. Who are you, and what's your connection to all this?

    3. There's no cameras, does this mean free roam?

    4. Aren't the children souls freed?

    5. How much is MatPat raging right now?

    6. Why is springtrap small, and how is he haunted when he's small?


    8. Assuming the small things are toys, why the hell would you buy such creepy toys?

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  9. What I don't get it some people raved over FNAF and suddenly hate it. The way I look at it, if you liked the work before, there's no reason you shouldn't like a continuation of someone's work. I like FNAF 3's gameplay, not much the design, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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