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  1. Anyways, if the purple guy is dead, why are the other animatronics still here, the deed is done, since springtrap is the embodiment of purple guy, does that make them say "Well hey, that b**** is still here...Welp boys were going to be here a while."



  2. Yes, but than if Purple Guy is dead, in the past, what is the reason for the souls to stay in the 3rd one.


    Because they can't just leave by themselves. They needed to be freed by someone.


    Also, stop talking in spoilers. It's annoying and nobody likes it.

  3. That would not make since though,



    But the purple guy is dead, and if you give the cake to the kid...

    Plus the death of purple guy takes place right after the first one (or 2nd) but never the less he is dead, and the spirits know it. Cause they were therie

    Although I am confused, HALP. If they were real, than why, is the purple man controlling them?

    They should be at rest....


    They are. The winning minigames are just in the past.



    Also, purple guy isn't phone guy for those lf you thinking it.

  4. The answers seem to be hidden in hidden minigames, rather than just normally playing the game all the way through...






    Scott tips of his hat, and gives us a farewell.


    Brigthen the image to see a giant number 4 above the hat.



    You will also see almost invisible words saying "We aren't done with you yet"


    I really just think he's only making the games to push out the lore. I have no doubts that a fifth will come out.


    Just because, there are 2 resteraunts the game hasn't been to already. I'm sure the final one will be in the original resteraunt. I did enjoy playing the games for myself, and when I freed the souls;


    I actually felt something. I can't truly explain what I did feel, it was sort of like fear mixed with satisfication for doing a good thing. 


    But now I reallllly want to know the whole story.

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  5. Since my computer wont connect to the internet, there prolly wont be art for a while, but im working on an animation thing about Wendy and Abigail, and gonna warn you now, its to a fiw song. But it fits, and its a fun song. Its in the story-boarding stages, and still working on how to show you, but you can see the wip when thats done, or if the internet continues to dumb, ill just have to complete it and show you then. Sorry!


    awww, ok...

  6. I saw this (see attached picture) on a dedicated server. What's with this? It says Wilson't Trap and tried to open the chest but can't reach it. Upon inspecting him says he's trapped. Sadly died and since the server is a wilderness haven't found it again.. yet. :grin:


    The Willson on the chest was looking scared and haven't found any info on the wiki about it. anyone can shed some light on this?