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  1. (Sorry guys, I kinda lost my motivation for this. This rp may end up going into sleep mode for a while, but for now let's just continue on.

    Since Dara hasn't made a move in a while but hasn't announced she left, we'll say that the Puppet Master felt that one death was enough for now and put Cypress and Wekesa in a sort of suspended animation at some other place before they got burned up. Then if Dara comes back I can just put her characters right back in.)

    While Halved and Wakana successfully repelled the hounds near them, the final few that were left had Wilson and Athena surrounded. Athena got her pain under control and sat up, looking royally ticked off. With a simple hand gesture, a bright flash of light temporarily blinded anything looking in Athena's direction, including the hounds, allowing Newleaf's vines to finish them off.

    With the hounds all dead the only sound left was the inferno that was the camp and a few neighboring trees. Wilson, now able to fully grasp the situation, stared at the burning camp in shock.

    " no no nO NO!"

    He ran over to one side of the camp, and sure enough, his desk and work area full of papers, handmade books, and other important looking stuff was up in flames, unsalvageable. He sunk to his knees.


    *the female shadow posing his also falls to her knees*

  2. Woodie is my favorite character in the game, but does anyone know any concrete facts about his backstory? Obviously he's Canadian, but do we know anything else about him? Does anyone have any good theories they would like to share?


    -He's Canadian












    This is my last useless and personal problem topic

    I'll ever make. I promise you... But first let me take

    your 3 minutes and 17 seconds for this video of mine.

    To a tiny privacy here is a password to it...








    Now, if you watched it, you're free to comment tl;dr or

    this is copypasta or even call me a weaboo. I don't

    care anymore but just to know guys, I was never

    really mad at any of you even if I did things that

    made me look I do. I never ever felt offended by

    any of your sayings. I can't say enough

    thanks for you. I loved you, friends of yore.





    See ya around, Greenie. May the remainder of your days be graceful.


    And stay classy you magnificent bastard.

  4. This weeks guest star, Balloon Boy!

    "Balloon Boy, I needed that cat for the cat show tomorrow! Now instead I have to scrape cat skin off the walls!"

    *BB laughs repeatedly while his eyes begin twitching*

    "Oh, Balloon Boy..."

    *Canned laughter*




    Freddy: "Uh oh, who could that be?"


    *Chica opens the door*


    Chica: "It's the puppet!"


    *simulated applause as puppet enters*


    Puppet: "Rev up that music box!"


    *more canned laughter*

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  5. Personally I don't see what the big fuss is about this game. However my daughter loves it, she is obsessed with it and even made a whole Five Nights at Freddy's world in Minecraft. I just read earlier today that a movie is being planned out to hit theaters for this game. 


    It's for the lore/storyline.


    Also, some people have fetishes like the animatronic characters.

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  6. It's been 30 years since that job. That terrible job. When Freddy Fazbears closed down, you were more than relieved to finally watch them be taken away, one by one, the new "and improved" animatronics. Your hatred towards balloon boy. Your absoloute fear of Foxy. The intimidation of Freddy. The loud radio of Mangle. And him. The puppet. You watch as they pick up his box, his lifeless body, and the music box. You watch as they trash it, and toss it onto the heap of garbage of what was Freddy Fazbear's family pizzarea.


    You have tried forgetting about all of it, but when the new pizzarea opened, you remembered all those horrible memories, the hallucinations, the shadows... you walk into the new place, look at the animatronics, look at the office, and you can feel their presence. You know they are there. But you feel another... 


    A spare room. One not labled on the cameras, nor imput into the animatronic's minds. The panic room. You walk in to check it out. As a respected Fazbear veteran, nobody questions you. Nothing to note in here, just some arcade cabinets, and... the original Bonnie animatronic. From the first diner. The hybrid. The myth. The legend. It seems to be staring at you... you see things... It's him...


    You walk out of the pizzarea, now trying to forget all about Freddy Fazbear and the crew.


    Now it's now. Those 30 years later. A horror attraction is opening.


    And it features old parts from the place you worked. You get a call.


    They want it to be as authentic as possible. They want a guard that previously served, one that has experience. You've had enough of Freddy, once and for all. You agree.


    You've done it. You've lasted the 5 nights they hired you for. But with the keys to the building still in your hands, you sneak in the following night.


    That's it. It's almost over. You're almost done. Just light the match-