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  1. 5 hours ago, Mooagain said:

    Y'know those links some people have to their art/mods under all their posts? I want a link to my youtube channel there and I can't find the thing to add it. 

    Here's the quick way (Thanks Sunset Skye)

    5 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

    Try here?

    If you'd like to know how to reach that again on your own terms, click your name at the top right of the forums, and then select Account Settings > Signature.

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  2. 10 hours ago, punowski1 said:

    Now in the game store there are almost all items (sets for characters) except old twitch drop item. 
    I think many players who missed some items would be happy to buy - like me. Can you add in game shop old twitch drop item.

    Hey there, welcome to the forums!

    Currently, there is a way to get retired twitch skins, which is here (
    Not every twitch skin is available from there as of yet, but, Klei has said a few times in a few different places that they're working on more ways to be able to get the other skins through the rewards site. As of now, this is the only way Klei has announced for bringing back old twitch drops, but they make random announcements about all kinds of things all the time, so who knows, maybe the ability to purchase the twitch skins will become a possibility.

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  3. I can't stand Oasis Basis. Slowed movement speed/reduced visibility (and constant NOISE!) is not something I enjoy, and the additional work needed to relocate resources and counteract the sandstorm (not to mention usually it's really far from other niche biomes like swamps) just makes it a slog for me.

    Personally I base near the Moonstone, as it usually has wormholes/sinkholes/touchstones/great biomes nearby (sometimes even the oasis desert itself) and it has that delicious infinite light/sanity/cold source(You can actually nullify the infinite cold by sticking a scaled furnace next to it, the two will balance each other out, so no freezing, no overheating). Sure, I need a singular flingomatic for the general base area, but you can keep it full of fuel throughout the summer and some just by having Glommer naturally crap all over the place, so in a sense it doesn't even consume any real fuel. I believe my biggest moonstone base only had 3 flingomatics, one for the entire base, one for the chest fields, the last for the farms. Again, Glommer's delicious defecation is enough to keep them all fueled through the entire season, and that was only when I made a somewhat large base. If you want to be practical, you'd wedge things a heck of a lot closer together than I do. And Antlion isn't a threat whatsoever to those that live outside the biome, just a free lumberjack at a somewhat random time.

    Now, I do sometimes just plop firepits at Oasis, but almost every time I go there, I end up regretting wasting my time there for some fish and some trinkets that I could get in heaps from The Ruins.

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  4. The whole thing's a chess board, Them is not a singular entity. Them is referring to multiple parties, one side playing with the black pieces (shadows), the other side playing with the white pieces (lunar). It seems after this nightmare throne gets hit with a huge surge of dark, nightmarish power from a new queen, the other side finally got kicked into making their move, hence why all this is starting to happen now. Or at least, that's my thought on it, lovingly stolen from like 80 different people.

    Or, I guess it could be one single entity purposely manipulating both sides, which ultimately results in more chaos in the middle, which is where the players are. If They crave amusement after all, then that would certainly be one way.

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  5. Hey, welcome to the forums!

    Seems you accidentally posted in the Hot Lava area, when you meant to post in the Oxygen Not Included area. Your thread will be moved there, but this little message is just for future notice :)

    On an actually on topic note, I have no idea what math people use for figuring things in ONI, because I had a few less plants than you do in that picture and about 12 glossy dreckos, and never got a ding for "Critter Starvation". I also had a much less nicer looking area... It was just a hydrogen bubble sitting above an oxygen bubble full of plants, really.

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  6. 1 hour ago, JoeW said:

    In the future we will update the rewards program with new ways to earn more points and pick up cool rewards they may have missed, or even possibly entirely new stuff. Let us know what you think!

    Hey, I'm curious, what other ways would there be to earn points? Based on the current ways, I'm scratching my head as to how there'd be more ways. Can you tell us (or maybe just me) what you have planned for the system?

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  7. 1 minute ago, Paddlefruit said:

    I really like this! I missed a few items I want, so I appreciate being able to earn them all without buying them. I've run into an issue though, upon trying to link my Google account to the Klei Points system, it says "This App Has Not Been verified by Google Yet". Anyone else have this issue?

    You just gotta click "Advanced" on that screen to allow it anyway.

  8. 1 hour ago, ScottHansen said:
    • Fixed crash when Tallbird Eggs hatch

    While on the topic of Tallbirds, is the fact that Tallbirds kill their own hatched young (Tallbirds auto targeting smallbirds/teenbirds) and that their young try to kill them (Teenbirds also auto target tallbirds) a bug or an intended feature? If this is what's intended, then... why do their eggs even naturally hatch...?


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