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  1. Spoiler


      I saw that.

    And I saw you at that bender last night.



    1. minespatch


      Are all the devs going wild wild wes?5955c4204d5bd_wildwildwes.png.03741eb0d434349ac600ec42fd6441d0.png

  2. Don’t starve got me spoiled as hell. How am I supposed to know when seasons shift irl if there isn’t a spontaneous filter change. For christs sake I forgot it was summer.

  3. Reminder to myself to reply to the smallbird post when I have energy

  4. To whoever is reading this, I hope you’re having a good day. If not, I hope it improves.

    1. Waoling


      What does it mean to be pure?

    2. Auth


      I wouldn’t know.

    3. minespatch


      59ffa0b758111_arielthumbpointing.png.128d6004f2c461dec1baea89dff92761.pngBeen pretty fine on my end.

      Been playing Patches in Dark Souls. Feels good, bruv.

  5. Auth

    I like your signature

    1. Rafi.


      Thanks ! It's a philosophy that I respect each day of my life !

  6. I enjoy Deep Rock Galactic

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    2. minespatch


      Is that the one with mining dwarves?

    3. Mobbstar


      "Mining dwarves" could also be Dwarf Fortress, which was popular in 2006 but hits its all time peak in late 2022.

    4. Auth


      Yes @spatch


  7. Nice profile picture

    1. Joeshmoeknows


      i love you too


  8. It's my birthday!

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    2. ShadowDuelist


      Have a happy day you!

    3. Mobbstar


      What, today? Woops, I was off by a few days.

    4. JoeW


      Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. Snipre cat

  10. R.I.P. Club Penguin


  11. Approaching nine years of being here... Nine active years.

    I find it hard to believe, and/or sad, that a single game company's forums have managed to captivate me for so long... So much so that I want to be a game dev myself.

    I mean. Not that sad. I like it here. I'm not leaving or anything. Not any time soon. I'll be here forever, I guess.

    But... it's been a while, eh? I can still remember my first warning point... My first status update... My first friend... The myriad of life decisions, good and bad, that ultimately stem from this place, relationships, enemies, that one time JoeW made my cry like a goober, those times I would splinter hidden lore for things I made myself in my posts on here, solely for the amusement of maybe one or two peopLe... The rick rolls, the changing inner circles of the most active members, the friend groups, the communities, the fights, the emotional bonds, everything...

    I remember everything. A bit too much, really. But I remember it.

    So, I'll probably end up being here forever, for people to know where to find me, and, really, for myself.

    Thanks Klei Entertainment Forums.

    And cheers to my fellow old geezers! Hoorah for having no lives!

    1. minespatch
    2. Mobbstar


      Your very first friend?

    3. Auth


      The Truthseeker, of course

  12. There's a lot of people talking like their opinions are objective fact on here now. Practically chasing anyone with any other opinions off the forums, or trying to.

    I'm not sure that's a good thing.

    1. minespatch


      It'll die down eventually. We've been on this site for almost a decade.1247413994_arieldepressedacceptance.thumb.png.688826caabc79ace18528caff6361f5d.png

    2. Auth


      We wha-

      Oh God.

    3. Mobbstar


      In the opinion of a lot of people, I snore loudly, as if it were a fact. Vehemently arguing against opposition too. Not to say they're wrong, but they're not right.

  13. I had a dream so emotional it brought me to tears.

    But it wasn't real.

    And that brought me to tears too.

  14. Cookie dough itself tastes better than the cookies you can bake with it

    1. GetNerfedOn


      Unsure if i can agree given that i haven't dared eaten my own cookie dough as i reside in a relatively less sanitary environment and therefore cannot risk eating cookie dough

  15. Man the emergency room sucks.

    1. minespatch


      despair.png.923e04beea2aab458e58197d001c7d42.pngARE YOU ALRIGHT

    2. Auth


      Not actively dying, at least not super duper ultra quick. But could be better.

    3. minespatch


      Drink a ton of water and keep your breathing steady.

  16. Muahaha, my inability to make small forum posts strikes again!


  17. D9C0D873-2F45-434B-BD38-41CA8F08326B.thumb.jpeg.30d8b0228a10f1bc6bddcb60aeb881ca.jpeg


    1. -Variant


      LMAO hahahah

      Mostly meme-y but I do have my beef with their designs here and there, hehe.

  18. You have no idea how tempting it is to sneak rick roll links into every post I make on here.

  19. I had an extremely vivid dream of someone.

    It was a nice dream, which made it so terrible.

  20. Hello, Maxwell!

    1. Maxwell


      Say Pal.

  21. Updated my About Me tab. Does anybody even use or look at those anymore...?

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    2. Wendy C.

      Wendy C.


    3. ShadowDuelist


      We all did now. You marketing Genius you.

    4. Auth


      It's all coming together now...

  22. I can imagine it now.

    Wilson Refresh
    -Wilson can now grow out his eyebrows and eyelashes along with his beard
    -Wilson can sleep in his beard at max length
    -Wilson can use his new Beard crafting tab to style his facial hair

    --Fancy Beard: Wilson gains sanity by being hairy
    --Protective Beard: Wilson gains armor value from being hairy
    --Beard Beard: For every beard Wilson grows, he grows a beard

  23. Finally, the hot lava forum background makes sense

    1. minespatch


      I saw that sentence on the youtube comments too.

  24. Happy New Year, few people that read my profile...

    Another year has passed, and.

    I'm doing better. I'm trying to. Reeeeaaally trying to.


    It's difficult, bounding from major change to major change to major change.


    I'm not sure how many people care. Or how many people even want me to do well. Especially here.

    But, yet, I am still here.

    I like Klei. I like it here.

    I think.


    Might as well ask a general question to get some replies.

    Have you ever only read half of a book? Or watched half of a movie? Something like that? Gone through quite a bit of a story, only to either lose interest, lose the time, lose the story itself...

    There was a book series I liked, called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Not the movie, the book series. I had gotten half way through the third book, and just... stopped caring, almost entirely. When I moved I took the book with me, but it just sits in my closet unread, and I don't really want to start reading it again.

    Despite that, I think of that book often. Not the characters, the plot, the setting... the book itself, and the context it has surrounding it in my life.

    How is that possible? How can I have fully digested two novels, gotten the third I had waited eagerly for, crack it open, read half... then never want to touch it again?

    I can't even exactly place why I don't want to read it. It's not that I dislike it, it's not boring or too time consuming (I have infinite time these days), and it's certainly not a lack of availability as I know where that book is at any given moment almost, except for the few times my closet has shuffled around.

    But why? Why does it sit there, half read, half understood, half utilized? Is it an insult to it's author, to let it sit there for years, collecting dust?

    Is it my fault, or the book's fault? Am I looking too far into it? I mean, undoubtedly, but...

    The book itself, not it's contents, haunts me. There are literally times I have sat awake at night thinking about the physical book and the fact that I have some sort of strange obligation to it, that I neglect day after day.

    I doubt anyone else has as severe of a reaction to my own question as me, but still...

    Is there anything you've just left halfway through, or even just a little bit? Or maybe you got even near completion of something like that just to stop. If so, why? And does it bother you?

    Something to think about if you managed to stomach all the words to get to this point, I guess.

    1. minespatch


      I tried to get through Beholder but I really need to get back to it. The game is intensive.

    2. ADM


      When I was much younger I used to read daily given I had full collections of most popular Belgium and French comics and bunch of novels, watch films often with family but the story of my life made it that I went trough a phase I was always too short on time or just too depressed to do anything. Now I'm away from everyone, by choice, but since this I'm completely cut from the will to read or watch anything for idk how many years now, I don't have any of my books left and I still always feel that I would prefer to spend my time doing other things that watching any film, not that I find them interesting nowadays anyway. Not sure if this was even related to the question but that's how it is for me at least.