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:?: ~~~ Been here since 2014 ~~~ :?:

~~~ Cagey since 2015 ~~~  

Hello, I am Auth "Authmind" Mind, but most people just stick to Auth.
I love to hang on these forums and help out where I can.

My ultimate dream is to one day work for Klei Entertainment :)

(Not that it's ever happening, though)

I own several TF2 servers, a minecraft server, and manage a text-based adventure game on Discord.

If you ever want to ask or chat about absolutely anything, no need to be shy.


I don’t usually comment on things a lot, and I like/react to posts even less, so if you get a like from me, you must've impressed me.

Feel free to talk to me about anything, no matter who or what you are. Add me on Discord, Steam, or even DM me here, I'm always available.


Discord: Auth#5678 (Let me know you're gonna add me before you do!)

Steam: (Leave a comment before you add me there!)



On 8/26/2019 at 1:48 PM, JoeW said:

Be good. kthx