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  1. The Wizard
    The Overshadowed
    The Excited
    The Mayor
    The King
    The Kid
    The Killer
    The Scythe
    The Mother
    The Amber
    The Anchorman
    The Reception Robot
    The Scientist
    The Assistant
    The Time Traveler
    The Time Machine
    The Father
    The Medic
    The Corrupted
    The Awful
    The Worst
    The Trader
    The Fortune Teller
    The Head Chef 
    The Salad Sculptor 
    The Pizza Preparer 
    The Teacher 
    The Observer 
    The Cashier 
    The Frycook 
    The Manager 
    The Smiling Service 
    The Burger Flipper
    The Roller Skater 
    The Bull 
    The Librarian 
    The Other Librarian 
    The Coffee Cooker 
    The Expresso Expert 
    The Ticket Taker 
    The Janitor
    The Gunsmith
    The Loonobot
    The Belltower
    The Smacken
    The Vulgull
    The Albatross
    The Arms
    The Throne
    The Arachnophobe
    The Unknown Governor
    The Shamed Samurai
    The Undead
    The Grim Reaper
    The Lovey
    The Mercenary of Love
    The Watcher
    The Voice of The Void
    The Goddess of The Ocean
    The Destroyer of Worlds
    The Creator of All
    The Disgusting Monstrosity
    The Other Scythe
    The Narrator
    The Narrator's Wife
    The Sage of Scorn & Darkness
    The Sage of The Skies
    The Sage of Nature
    The Sage of White Frost
    The Sage of The Earths
    The Sage of The Seas
    The Sage of Dragon's Fire
    The Sage of Magic
    The Wise One
    The Universe Hopper
    The Obliterator
    The Museum Curator
    The Umbrella Man
    The Soul Salesman
    The Average Man
    The One That Sees You
    The Mannequin
    The Skeleton
    The Environmentalist
    The Fairy Queen
    The Purified Boy
    The Spider Queen
    The Cowboy
    The Spider Queen's Mother
    The Pirate
    The Windchime
    The World Explorer
    The Bug
    The DJ
    The Tuxedo
    The Dapper
    The Absolute Idiot
    The Friendly
    The Fishermage
    The Heartbreaker (+10 More)
    The Red Texted Unicorn
    The Cardboard Mage
    The Darkness
    The Dark King
    The King That is Violently Opposed to The Conga
    The Soul Stomping Automata
    The Glitch
    The Showrunner
    The Forgotten Shadow
    The Pumpkin Patch Protector
    The King of Rock n' Roll
    The King of Rock
    The Lonesome Black Hole
    The Swampwater Witch
    The Boat Biter
    The Windchime


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      This is high quality music.